Opera Speed Dial feature

Opera released a new feature in its latest update of 9.20 for windows in browsers. This feature gives you fast access to your favorite sites just with using ctrl + (sped dial number) It can store upto 9 of your favorite sites. The main feature is the speed dial pad. Which shows you the thumbnail of all the sites you have added into your speed dial list. So next time you visit your favorite site, no need of typing it down, Just hit the keys and you are in.

How to use speed dial in Opera?

Try opening multiple tab and you will see Speed Dial Tab opened up for you .You can easily create a new Speed Dial by selecting from a supplied list of frequently visited pages, or typing in a new address. However I was looking for the feature where I can drag and drop my bookmarks, but I didn’t see any feature where I can drag and drop my bookmarks over to the speed dial list. If you get to discover update me :) Look at the image below for speed dial.

Opera Speed Dial Features

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