What Is Opera Speed Dial? How to Use It?

Are you tired of typing the complete address of the websites you frequently visit? Sometimes, it can get tiring irrespective of the browser you choose. That is why knowing how to save the address for easy and smooth access is crucial. Here, Opera Speed Dial is of tremendous help. This post will briefly discuss Opera Speed Dial and how you can use it for your benefit.

With this feature, you can now see the websites you have included on the speed dial when you open another tab. However, if you haven’t yet personalized the Speed Dial, it will show a bunch of sites you haven’t ever visited.

What Is Opera Speed Dial How to Use It

What Is Opera Speed Dial? How to Use It?

The official site of Opera describes the Opera Speed Dial as – Speed Dial is a visual set of entries made from your most visited sites or installed extensions.

The entries made to the Speed Dial appear in the form of thumbnails. These thumbnails link the website to the Speed Dial. It is possible to customize the feature and easily add your favorite websites. That way, you can navigate seamlessly.

It is specifically designed to access frequently-visited or popular websites from the new tab immediately. Here, users do not have to enter the address of the website. You also don’t have to search for the website from the bookmarks.

There are multiple ways to use the Opera Speed Dial. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Access Your Favorite Sites With Speed Dial
  2. How to Adjust Opera Speed Dial Settings?
  3. Manage Speed Dial Folders

Take a look at the section below to know more!

1. Access Your Favorite Sites With Speed Dial

Do you want to add your favorite websites to the Opera Speed Dial? The process is easy and requires you to follow simple steps. You need to go to the part where the thumbnails end. There, you will find an option – +/ Add a site. Click on this option.

Add a Site in Opera

Here, Opera will display some popular websites or related suggestions. If your desired site is from the suggestion list, you can click on it to add it to Speed Dial. If not, you need to enter the address on the address bar.

As soon as the website address is entered, you will see the URL of the site. Clicking on it will add the website. Alternatively, you can also press the Add to Opera option that is present on the right-hand side.

Use Add to Opera button to add URL to Opera's Favorites

You must repeat this process until you have all the websites you need in the Opera Speed Dial.

Are you wondering what to do if the Speed Dial is full? In that case, you must remove some sites to add new ones. For that, you need to shift the cursor on the edge of the thumbnail.

You will come across three dots at the top-right corner. Click on it, and you will see a pop-up. Here, there are several options. You must click on the Move to Bin option.

Remove Website from Opera Sped Dial into Bin

When you select that option, the thumbnail gets deleted. You must repeat the process till the websites you don’t want are removed.

2. How to Adjust Opera Speed Dial Settings?

Are you eager to make changes to the Opera Speed Dial settings? In that case, you need to go to the Settings page of Opera. Here, you can make adjustments.

To go to Settings, you must click on the Settings icon at the screen’s top-left.

Open Opera Settings

Move down till you come across the Advanced option.

Open Advanced Option in Opera Settings

Click on it and search for the Start Page part. Here, you will see multiple options you can toggle on or off.

These options are –

  • Hide search box
  • Hide speed dial
  • Hide the Add a site button
  • Show speed dial suggestions
  • Use bigger tiles
  • Adjust speed dial animations for slower hardware
  • Automatically adjust the maximum number of columns
  • Show news on the start page
  • The Show Continue Shopping section
  • Continue on the Booking.com section
  • Show weather widget
  • Temperature units

You can easily change any of the options mentioned above as per your needs.

Start Page Settings in Opera

Do you want to edit the site’s thumbnail on Opera Speed Dial? For that, you need to go to the three dots present on the thumbnail. Click on the Edit option and modify things as per your desire.

3. Manage Speed Dial Folders

Did you know that you can even build Thumbnail folders on Speed Dial? It is an excellent way to save space. You can place similar websites in one folder. That way, accessing them is easy while saving space simultaneously.

For instance, you can create a Google folder and place all Google-related websites inside it. You can place Google Sheets, Google Drive, etc., within this folder.

The best part is that creating a folder is accessible. You need to drag the desired thumbnail and place it upon another. When you do that, let go and watch as a folder is created automatically.

Create Folder in Opera Speed Dial

Now to add more sites, you must click the folder. Here, you will see the Add a Site option. Select that option to include more websites. You can even change the name of the folder.

Add a Site in Opera

For that, take the cursor and place it in the folder. You will come across the three dots. Click on it and then click on the Edit option. Now, enter the new name of the folder.

Edit Speed Dial in Opera


It is without a doubt that Opera is one of the hyped browsers. You can quickly access your desired sites with the Opera Speed Dial. The thumbnails are added to ensure you don’t waste much time looking for the website or typing the address.

You can even save space and create a folder. Apart from that, you can change settings and make adjustments accordingly. Opera Speed Dial is a valuable feature that helps users tremendously.

Can You Sync Opera Dial Between Two Computers?

Yes, you can sync the opera dial between two computers. Synchronizing your desired history, bookmarks, and even open tabs is easy and hassle-free across several devices.

How to Backup Opera Speed Dial? Is It Possible?

Opera itself doesn’t offer any backup solutions for Opera Speed Dial. That means the data is lost if you reset the system without a backup. It means you need to take active steps to back up the data to recover it later.

How To Disable Opera Speed Dial

Open the Settings Menu of Opera, and then go to Advanced Settings > Start Page. Toggle on the Hide Speed Dial option.

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