Opera Unite : Host A Web Server on Your Home computer

Long back we had talked on how you can create a web server using your home computer by using HFS or Http file server. This solution uses a combination of technique which helps you create a file server for downloading music files or even hosting a small site for your family.

Today Opera came out with an extra ordinary application called as Opera Unite. This application turns any computer or device running Opera into a Web server.  So how does it work ? Its pretty much the same what HFS was doing but its much more advanced.

  • First get a unique number for your computer.
  • Which is then linked to your computer.
  • Then you access the URL which in turn connects to the software running on your computer.

The advantage you get is all your IP is tracked automatically which was being done by the No-IP account.  I would call it as Just plug and play as you dont have to worry about configuring too much here.

You can find the complete and in depth tutorial by Opera Development Blog ( Via Boy Genius )


  1. i want my domain name like “www.123.com” but as i enter this i receive an error message that “no periods should be included in domain names” so what should i do to resolve this problem….help please i am in greate trouble plz plz


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