Optimize GIF Images with Trout’s GIF Optimizer

We had talked a lot about Optimizing Images including GIF but today we found an Optimizer which specifically optimizes gif images and you would see huge difference in size when it comes to big files.

Trout’s GIF Optimizer is a light weight application which gives you a live preview and side by side comparison of how your GIF image would look like when you finally optimize it by opting in or out of colour reduction.

Also you get complete option of choosing the output to be monochrome or grayscale etc including  max colours to be used from 8 to 256 standard.

We tried it with an Online Image Optimizer and results were almost same but since Trout’s GIF Optimizer is  a desktop application you dont have restriction of 300KB. Remember Image Optimization is one of the cause to speed your page load

Check out Trout’s Image Optimizer


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