Order Takeaway food from your iPhone [Australia only]

‘itakeaway’ is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app, which is Free to download, and all it does is allows you to order your takeaway food parcel right from your phone, iPad or iPod Touch. Just imagine, that for some reason there won’t be a dinner ready, waiting for you at your dining table when you will reach home today after a hectic day at your workplace, what do you do then? Naturally you don’t have many choices, like cook for yourself, eat outside then go home, or grab a takeaway, right? And out of these three the most preferred one is takeaway. This is where ‘itakeaway’ helps you.

You can order your food on your iPhone or iPad, or even on your iPod Touch, and grab the parcel while on your way back to home. It allows you to search by categories such as Cuisine, State, Suburb, food type or by your favorite restaurant. You can place your order and pay as well using your phone. The database you access is actually updated in real time, so that you don’t miss on menus like ‘today’s Special’, or any special cuisine festival etc. going on in the particular restaurant.

Here are the snapshots of the app –

Search for food options to order your takeaway parcel on your iphone ipad ipod touch

Order you takeaway food on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch in Australia

Order and pay for your Takeaway food via your iPhone

Free app for iphone ipad and ipod Touch to order and pay for your takeaway food

So, if you are in Australia, this is a must have app for your Apple device, especially if you are a living alone.

Download itakeaway now and see more snapshots.

You can also try Urbanizer, which is a Free app to search restaurants in your city as per your mood.


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