P2P Legality who is responsible network or us – Part 2

Continuing my debate on p2p legality which I started P2P Legality who is responsible network or us – Part 1 we will take look at the issues more deeper.

Opposing Forces Whispers making P2p Successful

Not every artist think of P2P as a bad thing. Not every recording company shuns P2P like plague! There are always 2 sides of the coin.  Which one you see and how you see it, is what matters. And thought not lit in large neon lights, backed by billions of dollars, there are still approving whispers for p2p from around the globe. From small whispers of dissent to outright calls, there are very colorful opposing views point. Some of it goes here

  • You all are sheep! All being herded into nice little groups and sheared but instead of wool you are being shaved of your hard earned money. Thanks to big budget music videos, billions of dollars of marketing campaigns and paid for airing of a particular type of music. You are forced to buy/listen to music that is manufactured.
  • The music is tailor made to attract you: you are brainwashed into listening to it as well and for the lack of anything better, liking it as well. How ? All the music from a major recording labels, so few that you can count them on fingers. The latest heart throb is just a cute face that some recording label suit liked you, made popular by a song that was written,composed and in some cases even performed by unknown talented artistes. The genre, the rhythm is all based on statical feedback of market surveys and everything is just manufactured!!!
  • The major label system is the biggest barrier to musicians making money off the cd. Major artist get their price of share only when 50000 copies of cd are sold and that even 5 to 10%. Independent musician can get a better price of share but thanks to big label companies who don’t make it happen.

So whats all those doing in a P2p article, well you can take it as a sour or eyeopener.If i am downloading  music that is copyrighted I did wrong and if the big labeled companies didn’t pay to the artist they are right!!! RIGHT!!. So why does the they shatter a p2p network like a mad dog!!! Does that click.?

So Whats the solution ?

This post got me really high on my fighting hormones and this was the bullet I wanted to dodge. So what do i mean ? Do I support Piracy ? Am I saying since they do it we should do it ? Well Absolutely NO!!!!!

Life has always a way and this also does.Electronic Frontier Foundation or EFC has a very interesting idea on how p2p can help us revolutionize the way we get the music. In short, it says instead of suing a few Americans for downloading copyrighted music, perhaps we can charge every individual having a broadband with a small monthly fee say Rs 250 or 6$ and let them download all the music they want.Strange? Wait for my next article “How P2p Can help revolutionize the way we get the music”!

Conclusion :

Like a boring ending of the essay or speech I don’t want to end saying “I would like to conclude….blah blah” but to pass the message that it isn’t the p2p network doing wrong.Its us most of the time its us, you know whats legal and whats not but you want it because its free but think sometimes.I wont support any of them though there is one way and that’s what you gonna say for it “I bet this can work”. So hold back and wait for the next post.

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