Page Reboot: Bookmarklet for Automatically refresh a web page

PageReboot provides you a bookmarklet which allows you to reload any web page after specified  amount of time.  Why use a automatic re loader ? Many a times  you would like to see the live data on a website and if there is no provision for live update on that page, Page Reboot comes handy.

Bookmarklet  for reloading any webpage

This is also useful if you keep getting address not found error and you have to manually again try it out.  If you prefer to use a Firefox extension instead of this then check out FF Extension Try Again.


  1. OR you can use Opera, right click on any page, go to Reload Every and select the number of seconds you want to automatically reload the page.

  2. @Name : Good point but then If I dont prefer Opera and want to use IE over that I will have to use this. And this feature is independent of which browser you use.


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