Use OneNote Search Connector to search quickly within your OneNotes

Microsoft OneNote Search Connector

If you use OneNote for most of the things and are a heavy user, Microsoft OneNote Search Connector is what you should use when searching for a document image or text inside OneNote. If you had installed OneNote correctly, Microsoft OneNote Search Connector should be listed under C:Users<username>Searches This search connector is another example of Federated search in Windows 7 ...

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All My Apps remembers what you install : Makes switching windows easy

AllMyApps Windows Application

All My Apps is a wonderful application for windows which gives you freedom from remembering what apps you had installed in your computer and from where you need to download it. Well most of them. This application has a list of free and paid applications and the most popular applications used in Windows ans acts like a marketplace where you ...

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Dropbox for Business : Go Team!

DropBox for Team

Dropbox today gained another level by introducing a complete business solution which has features which fits best for companies or people working in a team. Below are the features : Storage quotas are shared by the team and not bound to each account. Control account access and billing from a single administrative account. Complete User management system. High level of ...

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Why is Chrome Netbook named Cr48 ?


Yesterday Google Offered its Chrome OS Netbook for free which is technically named as Cr-48. Now if you are wondering why the netbook is named so here is an answer from Kuntal Its Kinda Scientific Actually , Cr Stands for Chromium , 48 is the Isotope Number of It , So Cr48 🙂 I could have never thought of this ...

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Chrome Web Apps : Set your default options

Chrome Apps Options

When you install Chrome Web Apps the first thing you should go and check the options which come along with it. Just open a new Tab and you will see all the apps listed under a new section Apps. Now right-click on any of the apps and you will see a couple of options listed there. First Section deals how ...

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Want a Free Chrome Netbook ? Signup

Google Chrome Netbook

Google OS is finally making a clear entry and telling everybody it’s not dead and if you want to give it a test drive, Google is ready to give a notebook running Google Chrome OS, all you need to do is sign up this form and only if you are in US and 18 years and above. You can checkout ...

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Google Cloud Print is here but you cannot print stuff yet!

Google Cloud Print, an extra ordinary stuff like HP ePrint which lets you print to your home computer while you are sitting in a cab is here.  Basic need  for Cloud Print is Install Chrome 9. Go to Options > Enable Google Cloud Print Sign in with your Google Account. Go to this page and Test a print. Google Cloud ...

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Big Bad Flower can test how fast is your reflex

Big Bad Flower Bubble Capture

Big Bad Flower will be another addictive game on your iPad, iPhone and iPod not only because you will love taking on your enemies saving the flower but it will make you react faster that you have ever imagined. It really tested by reflex when I tried it out today morning. What is this game about ? There is a ...

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Find Train timings, PNR status, Seat availability on Android Phone

Indian Rail Info Free Android App for Indian Railways

If you are in India, and travel in trains, Indian Rail Info App is a great way to access several set of information related to Indian Railways on your Android Device. This application is capable of finding almost all the information an Indian Railways Customer will ever be interested in. in other words, it is as good as accessing the ...

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Windows Phone 7 to get Copy Paste Feature

Looks like finally Microsoft Windows Phone team did hear request from their users and Windows Phone 7 users will soon see Copy paste feature in their mobile in soon to come update. This was one of the drawbacks which was holding me back to buy this phone. I hope next update brings few more changes requested by many of the ...

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Record an Audio, and instantly email it to anyone [Free Android App]

Free Android app to record and send audio files

We often face the scenarios when we feel like recording an ongoing discussion, or maybe you are listening to a speech which you want to record, here is an application for Android Devices, named as Voice Recorder, which doesn’t only allow you to record the audio but also allows you to send them to anyone via email. Launching the application ...

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Free Download Pong Game for iPad


Pong is another classic video game which is played between two players, like Air hockey and this is available on iPad also. I tried around 15 Pong games that’s available for free for iPad and found Modern Pong and Pong4Four to be the best one. Modern Pong This is the best version of Pong on iPad even if you install ...

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