Launch Chrome Apps without opening a New Tab but with a drawback

Chrome App Shortcuts

Opening any of the chrome app without opening a new tab was only possible if you had created shortcut for the applications and either have it on desktop or pinned to start menu.  Probably Google understood that not many will do this and to solve this has released a new extension,  App Launcher, which similar to Desktop Launchers, lists all ...

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Sysinfo explains where these startup entries in Windows come from

Windows Startup Program Explained

We all talk about how to optimize Windows Startup by firing MSConfig and drop the things which is not required and so on but how do you help figure out the installed programs to the end users. Its bit difficult to tell each and every of them but is making all the effort explaining all this and its impressive. ...

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World Atlas HD for iPad beats the traditional maps anytime

Indian Satellite Map on World Atlas HD

As a kid I used to play games on Atlas such as finding a place on any country and it was the biggest productive time pass specially when we had nothing to do. This not only helped me learn which places are where in any country but also helped me score in the Maps exam in Tenth. Fast forward 20 ...

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Free Download Windows Phone 7 Themes and Skins

WP7 Skins

Customization of look and feel rules and its time for Windows Phone 7 users to download some  Free Windows Phone 7 Themes and Skins for Windows Phone. Remember this works on Windows Mobile Phone and Not on WP7 Phones. To start with, XDA Develeoper Trekfan422991, has released a fresh new set Skins iContact and iDialer for Windows Phone 7 which ...

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How to cancel / delete downloading Podcasts / Videos in iPad

iPad Podcast Cancel Download

Last night I started a huge amount podcast download on my iPad and when I found them too big there was no direct way I can found to cancel it. I tried tapping, double tapping, used the menu button but nothing worked to cancel the podcast I was downloading.When I turned off the WiFi it kept saying that it needs ...

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Save ball from getting crushed : Fall Ball

FallBall Game for BlackBerry

Fall Ball is a free blackberry game where all you need to do save a ball by bringing it down though a pass on each floor. The pass is distributed randomly and the levels don’t end unless you loose the ball. This game works both on touch based screen where it can tilt or using trackball. The game response is ...

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Free Battery Widget for Android: Not just a battery level indicator

Free Battery Widget for Android

Battery Widget for Android is an awesome widget for battery. As the name says it accurately displays the Battery Level on your Android device. Also it gives you access to the major battery hogs, so that you can easily change the settings. It actually gives you shortcuts to the settings of Display, and turning on and off the GPS, Bluetooth, ...

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Download Free Santa Christmas Theme for Windows 7

Free Santa Christmas Theme

I hope by now you would have almost finished preparing for Christmas, just two more days to go, and then it is Christmas, the festival begins. If you have finished with all the preparations and decorated every nuke and corner of your home for the occasion, here is something you probably missed on, why is your Windows 7/8/10 not in ...

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How to add background music to Photo Albums in iPad ( Slideshow )

Add Song to Albums in iPad

Ever thought why watching a romantic scene in a movie is so awesome ? No it’s not the beautiful dress they wear and nor it sounds so cool just because you imagine yourself but because of the music that runs in the background, that’s the key. Pick up any game and play it with mute speakers, do you get the ...

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Copy Handler makes file copy process in windows Useful and Smart

Copy Handler

Copying and moving files is one of the things that has not changed the way it is since it was when it first came with a GUI except the progress bar in Windows 7 and Vista got shiny. This gave an option to applications to do it better and we have talked about many such applications like RoboCopy, which is ...

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Free Download 2011 Calendar and Spreadsheet

Free Download 2011 Calendar and Spreadsheets

2011 has almost arrived, we are about to say Good Bye to another year, several sites are offering planners, calendars, and spreadsheets for the year 2011, here 2 resources, where you can download free calendar and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel format., in my opinion the best blog which can make you pro in Excel, has come up with couple ...

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Convert Files by just drag and drop : File Blender

File Blender

If you are looking for a killer conversion software which ease of use, File Blender beats out most of the converting tools by supporting major audio, video and image formats all in one place. It uses libraries used by popular software like Irfan View. Though it acts as a GUI to many tools which are either heavy or only available ...

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