Add Report Spam link in Google Search result

Report Smap link in Search Result

Search results are bound to have spams no matter how strong and smart the algorithm is and the best one to tell if a URL is spam is the end-user because we see it from a different mindset and do not use maths for this. Google Search Index is no exception and so Google Webmaster Central has released a Chrome ...

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How to hide recently accessed shared folders from Network

Recent Network Folder Access

If you work in a network environment where you need to get access to lot of shared folders across computers, you must have noticed that the these folders are listed under your My Network folder or Network area. Windows by default keeps the listing so that you save time when you access them again. That’s good but if your computer ...

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Connect Hotmail over HTTPS ( Secured )

Hotmail Secured Connection

Hotmail can now be accessed over a secured connecting by using https when accessed using a browser i.e. This feature was recently rolled out and can be made permanent by choosing option which says ‘Use HTTPS automatically’ under your Account Settings. However this comes with few drawbacks, for example once this is turned on connecting through Outlook Hotmail Connector, ...

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Tilt to Live : iPad Game of the Week

TL Red Bomb Blast

iPad with power of touch and orientation sense becomes a powerful device for  gaming apps. For example you can drive a car by holding your iPad and steering it like you do I your car. Amazing stuff. To start with, today we will review a game, Tilt to Live, which will make you rotate while sitting anywhere. Tilt to live ...

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How to safeguard your data on iPad using inbuilt feature

iPad Unlock Screen

iPad lets you do almost everything so have your important files, personal files inside iPad makes sense. However the other aspect of iPad is it can get lost easily because of the size. Sometimes I don’t even realize when it is kept with books so if I do miss it, I wont be surprised. So what if you lose your ...

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Try these to correct misspelled long commands at the DOS Prompt

Correcting Wrong Command First

If you work over terminal and all those black screen also popularly known as the DOS prompt, re-typing a misspelled or in correct command is so painful. I remember working on Linux at college and it was a night mare. Windows Command prompt gives you an option to correct these mistakes in simple ways. If you have made mistake in ...

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How to make Windows Installer search removable media first ?

Windows Installer Search Order

Windows Installer when initiated for any kind of installation starts looking around the network to find the files. Now if you aren’t on a network at all its a waste of time. taking the reverse case if computers at office do not have any removable media allowed, looking on a network first is always a better option when deployment is ...

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Find Polling Place near you [ US Elections ]

Google Election Center

Google Has launched their official tool which helps US Voters to find the polling places around. This is best used from your mobile where your Geo location can be tracked.  In case it fails, you can always use the ZIP code or Address to find the voting locations. Also there is link to the Election news to get more details.

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How to transfer iTunes Library Music from one computer to another

iTunes Transfering Music Folder

Using iTunes directly it’s almost impossible to transfer music from one computer to another which is possibly because Apple restricts the music bought by you to share it with others, specially one you purchased from iTunes store. But that’s almost and still music can be transferred from one computer to other. In Computer A Step 1: Start iTunes and go to Edit > Preferences ...

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