Download Gears of War 3 Windows 7 Theme

Gears of War 3 Theme

Gears of War 3 is a shooter video game which is coming to Xbox 360 in April 2011 and the last in the Gears of War series. If you want to know more about it, there is an official site already and Microsoft has an official theme also which you can enjoy to catch up with whats coming next. The ...

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First Windows Phone 7 Ad goes live ( And yes its on YouTube )

Neowin picked up the first video of Windows Phone 7  Advertisement on YouTube which many people are expecting to see if it can fix the damage what Windows Mobile did before. The Phone displays just one message : The Revolution is Coming, and I hope that it does because with rumors that billions of dollars will be spent on the ...

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Simple Gmail Label tweaks you can make use of

Hiding Labels

Labels in Gmail is an excellent way to organize your emails which is similar to folders or tagging. Gmail Labs come with few tweaks which you can apply on your Gmail default label to organize your email even more efficiently specially if you do not want to use Outlook or Thunderbird like clients. Hide Labels from Subjects : Lets start ...

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Batch edit file date and time

File Date Changer

Changing timestamps of  file creation or last accessed becomes a major need when you need to show documents which you might have created pretty late but was required to be done ahead. Though windows has a couple of command line tools but when you have hundreds of documents it becomes a tedious job. File Date changer is a portable handy ...

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Google 101 : Things You can do

Google Things to do

Ever wondered how many things you can do using Google Applications right from embedding YouTube Video in your website to automatically saving  draft of your wedding list/seating plan  but still don’t know how to do it ? Google UK got their 101 page up which tells you now 51 things you can do. All you need is go there and ...

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A unique way to enable Alt+Tab via a Mouse Gesture

How to enable Alt+Tab functionality with a mouse gesture

The ‘Alt+Tab’ key combination as we all know is a great way to toggle between the running applications window, any other open windows, or desktop. Probably we all use this, reason being it is the easiest (and laziest too) way to switch from window to other, without closing or exiting anything. How about enabling this feature just on a drag ...

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Detach embedded videos from browser and show them in a separate window

Detach embedded videos from browser and show them in a window of their own

We all watch online videos at some point of time, generally the options available on the video page allow you to watch them in full screen or may be in different resolutions, here is cool little utility, DetachVideo, which allows you to detach the video from the browser, and launches a small frame showing the video, giving you a feel ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Codecs Pack

Windows 7 Codecs to play almost every format in Windows Media Player

Here is an awesome Codec Pack, designed especially for Windows 7, and is known as Window 7 Codecs. You just need to download the exe file, and run it, done!! All the codecs have been installed, no need to play around with anything else. Installing Windows 7 Codecs will allow you to que up the following formats in your Windows ...

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Android hardware comparison chart

Android Hardware Chart

Which android device to buy ? This is the first question you might just think when you plan for it and if you are worried more about the hardware part and want to see a comparison chart, Portable Electronics Limited at has a spreadsheet up for you. There is a dedicated section for android mobile devices which is released ...

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Test Internet Speed on your iPhone : SpeedTest App

iPhone SpeedTest

SpeedTest, one of the popular tool to check how much speed is given by our ISP, now also has an iPhone app to find out how much internet speed you are getting on your mobile phone. This app is absolutely free and gives details on upload and download speed which is displayed for each network you connect to. So if ...

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