How to use Printer’s Scanner when it’s out of ink

Webscan for HP Photosmart printer

I happen to have an HP Photo smart printer which has all the functionality like Scanning, Copying and Printing, etc. Now it ran out of Ink recently and I had no time to get it refilled. The best part was that all of a sudden I had a lot of document to be scanned and sent over email. So I happily ...

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How to Unlink Skype & Microsoft or Facebook Account, Mind the Limit

Unlink MS Skype Account

If you have always wondered if there was any option to remove the linked Microsoft Account with your Skype Account, then there wasn’t any actually. Good news is that According to Live Side, Skype has rolled in this unlinking option the profile. This allows you to remove the associated MS account from Skype. However, to warn you, there is a limit ...

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Android : Share your WiFi hotspot login with a tap (NFC)

NFC Hotspot Sender Preferences

Its a common scenario that when a friend jumps in your house and wants to use your WIFI, you always take that phone in a secret place to key in the hot-spot details. Some people who are smart use their routers push button but then we don’t have routers at all the places. So here is a simple solution for ...

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YouTube may offer to use One Name on YouTube, Real name elsewhere

YouTube Name Options

Many YouTube users were annoyed when YouTube asked them to switch to their real name instead of the username they chose for their YouTube Channel. Even though it does make sense for many to switch to real name but not every body would like to get their real name displayed everywhere. This option becomes completely useless when it comes to brands. They ...

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Disable the slow background scroll of Windows 8 Start Screen

Start Screen Animator

If you have tones of tiles on your start screen or when you make a search with lots of result, you must have noticed that scrolling of tiles and the background image doesn’t go hand in hand. The background scroll is much slower compared to background. While this animation effect is in place to make you feel of a very ...

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Android : Auto send SMS to missed calls

Auto Send SMS

Most of the smart-phones now have option to send text message at the time of rejecting any incoming call. However, situation is different when you aren’t even around to attend the call or never heard your phone ringing. SMS Replier for Android makes sure you are ready to handle these kind of situations also. This app allows you to set ...

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Android : Auto turn off turn on WIFI based on location

Smart WIFI Toggler

Most of us have WIFI either at home or office or any location where we spend most of the time. So when Wi-Fi is around, we always love to save our mobile bandwidth which definitely is not cheaper at any part of the world. However, we always tend to forget to turn on the WIFI on. So here is something make ...

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Backup & Restore Angry Birds Game Levels & Score (Android)

Angry Birds Save your Save

Replaying any game right from the scratch is one of the biggest pain for gamers and if its Angry Birds, its even more because not only it has too many levels, replaying to unlock already unlocked games is boring. So here is some good news for Android users, Angry Birds : Save your Save is a free app which can ...

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Backup & Restore Windows 8 App Data

Windows 8 Data Backup and Restore

Its pretty uncommon that you always have to start from level zero if you have reinstalled a game on Windows 8 or mostly in any other PC. Starting with Windows 8, you have apps now which are more or less locked down into their area and there is no easy way to find where all the data is stored.  It ...

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Pin a file to Windows 8 Start Screen

Tile a File

One of the features that Windows 8 missed is pinning a file like document, video, playlist etc to Start Screen. Even though it supports pinning Folders to start screen but probability of pinning a file to start screen cannot be overruled.  As an example I would love to pin my playlist to start screen and launch to start listening to ...

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