How to auto terminate or kill hanged program in Windows 10/8/7

How to auto terminate or kill hanged program in Windows 10/8/7

Many a time, programs like Office, Skype, Winamp, and others, in Windows, get hanged or Not Responding. Clicking on the close button doesn’t work, and instead, it freezes and asks you to wait. The alternate way is the Task Manager. When you choose to End program from there, it fails or takes too much time. Here is a small trick ...

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Best Online Services to Create Fonts with your handwriting

Best Create Fonts Handwriting Services

Many of us tend to keep things as much personalized as possible. We keep searching for ways to make something look as if it has been designed especially for us. We like to wear T-shirts with a custom message in them, we want to ride customized bikes, and so on. Well, here is a way to have a personalized font, ...

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How to Create Fonts from your Handwriting and use in Windows 10

Create Fonts Your Handwriting

Ever wondered if you can type everything in the way you write on paper? Stop wondering, and you can do it with Free Fonts generator, which allows you to create True Type fonts with your handwriting. Once you create the fonts, you can install it in Windows 10 and use it throughout the system. Let’s learn how to create fonts ...

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What are Fonts? What is Font Family? Types of Fonts and how they work

How font works everywhere

Fonts make possible the text of the blog you are reading and the text that appears on your computer screen, whatever the application and OS. Without them, we wouldn’t have a post to make on the blog or anywhere. Let’s take a look at how about Fonts, learn about Font Family, Types of Fonts, and how they work in Windows. ...

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Find your misplaced cell phone by making it ring (US and Canada only)

Find misplaced cell phone

Consider those scenarios, like you are sitting in your bed, watching your favorite show on the TV, and somehow you get reminded to make a call. You start searching for your cell phone only to find it later somewhere inside the couch. The second scenario where you just returned from office, and while entering your house, you casually threw your ...

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How to transfer your WhatsApp between Android and iPhone

WhatsApp Data Transfer between Android iPhone

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platform which is available on all the platforms. The software supports almost all types of file transfer, allows video and audio calls making its importance in many small business houses. I have seen a lot of small businesses running their work using WhatsApp. That said, even though it is available across all ...

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Free EBook Reader supports multiple formats: KooBits

Koobits free ebook reader

We have been posting about several types of EBook Readers and other possible options; here is another free EBook reader, named as KooBits. KooBits is an Adobe AIR-based desktop application, so before you plan to install it, make sure you have the AIR installed on your system. Free EBook Reader supports multiple formats: KooBits If I say that KooBits is ...

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Read plain text file in book like view with eTextReader

read plain text book view

When it comes to reading a text file, software like NotePad or Notepad++ does the job. A plain text file which comes along as help files with programs carries no style. They turn out to be boring because we are in the habit of reading everything adequately formatted. So, if you want to break this boredom, check out eTextReader, which ...

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How to Manage and Control Notifications in Windows 10

manage control notifications Windows 10

Windows 10 offers micro-control over how notifications show anywhere. Usually, the notifications are displayed on the extreme right corner, and they stack up. In this post, I will show how you can manage and control notifications in Windows 10. How to Manage and Control Notifications in Windows 10 There are multiple ways to control notifications in Windows 10. Using Action ...

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Windows 10: Clear Old Live Tile notifications when you restart or logout

Clear Live Tile Notifications

When using Live Tiles in the Start Menu, it keeps stacking notifications whenever there is something new. The problem here is that apart from anything new, some of the tiles might be displaying even the older notifications. It gets clubbed along with new, the next day, or also after you had restarted your PC. In this post, we will share ...

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