Feed Demon Pro is Free to Download

Feeddemon Free

After Google announced retirement of Google Reader, Feed Demon, a desktop client for Windows announced its retirement too. As the client was heavily dependent on Google reader it would have not made any sense. However today when I checked on Feeddemon website, it also said that FeedDemon Pro is available free download. This pro version of the feed reader is almost like ...

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Facebook Now Lets You Upload Pictures in Comments

Facebook Pictures in Comments

Good news for all the trolls out there and the meme makers…Facebook now allows you to upload pictures to the comments section of any facebook post you or your friend is making, thus tempting the whole world to participate in comments anywhere and with any image. In case you cannot see the image upload option yet, right next where you ...

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Twiiter Now Lets You See Your Tweet Performance

Twitter Analytics

It’s not uncommon that most of the pro twitter users use some sort of  analytics to keep track of their tweet performance and measure their influence. Twitter today has opened up the Analytics option for everyone according to TheNextWeb. This option was usually available via their Ad Platform and only to advertisers to find how their promoted tweet performed. Now before you ...

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Amazon India selling Kindle but thats Coming via Croma Retail

Amazon Kindle via Chroma

Received a newsletter from Amazon today about its first digital device availability in India from their online shop and its none other than — Kindle. Right after their announcement on last week, The list of kindle devices which are listed along with the price are as follows: Kindle Fire HD — 21,999.00 Kindle Fire HD — 15,999.00 Kindle Paper White ...

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Linking YouTube with Google+ Page allows Managers to Upload Videos

YouTube Multiple Users

It’s a common scenario that YouTube Accounts are managed by multiple users when the video makers separated geographically. Now YouTube itself does not allow to add multiple users to their channel and till date it was only possible if you share the account credential with the editors. However, I recently discovered this has becomes possible after Google started rolling out an option where it was asking ...

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Nokia 105 Unboxing & First Impression

Nokia announced their starting models 105 and 301 back February during MWC 2013. This phone is built for Indian market conditions and came with set of features which the lower segment enjoys a lot — Torch & FM Radio along with the phone capability. Below is the unboxing of Nokia 105. Watch On YouTube Like I said before that this phone is a ...

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Bing Translator Comes to Windows 8, Translate Texts Using Camera

If you have ever used Windows Phone, the vision feature or the camera lens allows you to translate text from any language to your language. Something similar has come to Windows 8 via Bing Translator which was already available in Windows Phone. This app will allow you to translate any written text into one you want. The best part of ...

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Review : HP Envy X2 & If You Should Buy It

In this post I have talked my experience of using HP Envy X2 running Windows 8 Pro. Instead of talking all about hardware and boring specs, I have only talked my experience using it using it as Tablet, Laptop, build quality and battery life. If you have any questions apart from these please do put it in comments. Design & ...

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How to Change Adsense Code for Mobile Design

Google AdSense recently announced that publishers can change their Adsense code to adjust according to their Mobile Theme or the Responsive Theme for their website. This came directly because of the increased adoption of responsive theme over mobile theme which kept down the complexity of managing two different theme and multiple ad units. So instead of publishers figuring out screen sizes and ...

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