Chrome & Firefox Tabs response slow ? Try these extensions

Firefox background Tab suspendor

When you have too many tabs open in Firefox and Chrome, its possible that overall browser experience doesn’t remain smooth for long, there are a couple of reasons for that of which one is Background tasks. They are also called as Background Tabs, i.e., which consumer CPU and Memory in the background. In this post, we will share how to ...

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Free Commander : An alternative to Windows File Explorer

Free Command Explorer

Tired of using File explorer where you need to copy one thing then go down and click and then paste to the destination? Here is an excellent alternative, Free Commander. It’s a stand-alone program which I would say its a Double File Explorer which makes your file related activities much more comfortable. You can copy the whole installation files in ...

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Android app for Indian Penal Code, Constitution of India and more [Free]

Apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, CPC

It is interesting if you are an Indian, or somehow you are interested in India, here are some Android apps which you will love to install on your Android Device. These Android apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, CPC and they allow you to improve your insight about the Indian Laws and Constitution. Android apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, ...

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How to buy Mobile, Tablets, Gadgets from US, UK and Ship to India

Buy from US and ship to India Easily with this service

Most of the Gadgets are introduced & Sold in US & UK Market first and then added later in the rest of the world. Now when scorching devices like Pixel, Samsung, and  Surface Laptops roll in, users outside the US and UK cannot resist it. In this guide, I will share how you can buy Mobile, Tablets, Gadgets from US, ...

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Shutdown computer when Download completes on Firefox and Chrome

Auto Shutdown after download complete

Most of the download managers come along with an option to shut down your computer when the download is over. Many users who use Firefox and Chrome for downloading files do miss this option. In this post, we will share an extension for Chrome and Firefox which will automatically shutdown computer when the download completes. Shutdown computer when Download completes ...

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Close duplicate tabs in Firefox and Chrome

It’s common to open the same URL in the browser again and again. Having so many tabs, it makes it confusing, and many don’t realize that they have opened the same page again. So in this post, I am sharing extensions/add-ons for both Firefox and Google to help you close duplicate tabs, and also sort the tabs by URL. Close ...

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Autosave forms data and recover it quickly

text Area form data

Filling forms for registration or submitting online forms for a request in tech support are few of the everyday activities which we do every day on the internet. Forms are everywhere. But sometimes its our bad luck that we lose data after we submit the data. So in this post, I will share extension for Chrome and Firefox which will ...

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Start where you left exactly on the Browser

Start where you left exactly on the Browser

When you leave reading a web page in between it is obvious that you would always want to start from the same place, especially when you are somewhere in the middle. However, the only solution which most of the browsers offer is just to remember the URL or the page in form of Bookmarks which opens up the page next ...

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Hide Desktop Icons in one click in Windows

Hide Desktop icons in Windows 10

I often post videos (screencasts) or take a screenshot in my posts. While creating them, I try to hide the icons on the desktop, because I generally use my desktop as a dumping ground. My desktop is often found with loads of downloaded files, though I keep moving them to specific folders and even to recycle bin still it often ...

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How to add handwritten signature in Office Word Document

Signature Word 2010

Many a time you need to ask for a handwritten signature and if you are using  Microsoft Office Word you can use the Signature Line feature. This tool is available under Insert > Signature Line which is at the corner of the ribbon menu. This signature feature also lets the third party signature plugin to be used in Office Word. ...

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Copy text without formatting in Firefox and Chrome

Copy text without formatting

Its common to copy text from the internet. But when you paste it, it brings in all formatting with it. Its also called as Rich Text format. So if you want to copy content from a web page, but do not want to keep the formatting, here is how to do it. I have shared Firefox and Chrome extensions. Copy ...

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How to hide Firefox Tabs using a keyboard shortcut

Hide Tabs Firefox

When you have multiple tabs open in Firefox, the info about the content is always visible in the Tab bar. The area which helps you identify the webpage. While it is necessary, it is also open to preying eyes who can see what you are up to. Many a time you also don’t want anybody to see what you are ...

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