Quickly Switch Between Two Internet Connection on Your Computer

Many a times your Computer is connected to more than one Internet Connection. It can be  Two Wi-Fi or a combination of Wi-Fi and LAN. When you want to switch between them, you disconnect from one, disabling is most commonly practiced, so your computer automatically picks up the other connection. Though its a very easy task but it involves couple ...

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YouTube Earnings in Adsense showing up all Zeros ? Here is how to view them.

Seems like starting with April 2013, YouTube has stopped showing up earning in your Dashboard. I remember YouTube did announce something on similar lines where YouTube earnings will be shown only at the month end, at the time of final calculation, like YouTube Earnings. The Problem is that YouTube Estimated earnings are getting displayed as Zero while total earnings are still ...

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How to Pair Android Phone with Nokia JBL Speakers / Play 360

Android Connect with JBL Speakers

NFC even though underused holds lot of potential which can be used for various purpose right from money transfer to file transfer. In fact NFC was successfully tested at MWC on mass level.  When it comes to consumer level, NFC is useful in two major places, File transfer and Entertainment. So I happened to have this JBL Flip Portable Speakers ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Look More Exciting than the Phone

Samsung S4 Health Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement has got a wide variety of mix responses. Some like it and some hate it because Samsung seems to be following the same Apple idea of brining in new phone with bit of hardware upgrades. Now if the phone doesn’t look exciting, I will suggest you to take a look at the accessory section which might look ...

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How to Export Feeds from Google Reader using Google Takeout

Google Reader Takout

Google Reader is retiring from 1st July 2013. A product which is being used by millions will be lost because Google could not make it profitable. As a matter of fact retiring AdSense for Feeds is the primary reason. So coming back to the topic, How do you export feeds from Google Reader ? The process was simpler before because Google allowed to export ...

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Two Tips to Show Only Best Videos on Your YouTube Channel

Re-arranging Sections in YouTube

YouTube recently updated (again) its YouTube Channel design for all the publishers. Looking at it, it is definitely headed towards a better way and for all devices like TV, Mobile and PC. In this design, when you visit the channel, you will see a couple of sections already listed. These are playlists, new uploads, most viewed videos of your channel. Now ...

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YouTube Now Lets You Bulk Add / Remove Tags in Videos

YouTube Tags

Looks like YouTube have finally opened up Tag access in much better way for video publishers. Those who are not aware, Tags are like keywords which can be used to identify content inside the video. Prior to this, publishers were able to add or remove tags using the edit video mode. There are distinct advantages of this feature: First you get to ...

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How to mark all unread emails in Gmail as read

Filter Trick to update all unread message

So when I signed up for MWC, I had like tons of emails rolling in every few minutes. I was mostly reading only interesting ones which resulted in lot of unread mails. Then the question came in, How to mark all of these mails as read so the inbox count can drop to flat zero. Gmail does not have any direct ...

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Qualcomm® Quick Charge to speed up mobile charging by 75 percent

Qualcomm has this quick charging technology which makes sure that your phone charges in less time and stays equally efficient. This technology was invented because “Smartphones are dumb when it comes to battery life” and alternative right now is to charge them faster. Though it also means that you will speed up total number of recharge that the battery supports. ...

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Sony Xperia Z Hands-On Video [MWC 2013]

Sony Xperia Z Mobile

Sony announced the Xperia Z back at CES this year. After quite a few years, Sony has managed to announce an impressive handset. The Xperia Z comes with tempered glass on its front and back, along with sealed ports which help the device in getting the IP57 certification. This means that the Xperia Z is dust-resistant as well as water-proof. ...

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ASUS PadFone Infinity And FonePad Hands-On Video [MWC 2013]

ASUS unveiled its third generation PadFone, the PadFone Infinity, at MWC in Barcelona. Compared to the previous PadFones, the Infinity is bigger, faster and sleeker as well. The Taiwanese maker has gone with a sealed unibody aluminum body for the PadFone Infinity this time. ASUS has bumped the screen on the Infinity to 5-inch and increased the resolution to full HD (1920*1080) as ...

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NEC’s Medias Phablet Review / Hands On [MWC 2013]

NEC Phablet Dual Screen

We randomly visited some booth and this was the best among all of them. We got hold of a dual screen phablet from NEC and they call it MEDIAS W N-05E. Its from the “docomo NEXT series” of smartphones. This phablet is a  two-screen design which helps you convert a big phone into small one making it portable and open up to ...

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