Extract multiple archive files in a go

Extract Now for Windows

Windows users who deal with archive files on day to day basis must have always though for a tool that can automate this job and extract all archive i.e. ZIP, Rar etc files in one go. This will not only save some time for them but also increase their productivity compare to extracting individual archive files one by one. ExtractNow ...

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Windows RT : Add any website to display Flash on IE

Windows RT has another restriction apart from inability to run the desktop apps, Flash does not work for every website. Microsoft has this security inbuilt which only allows set of white listed websites to display flash and rest of them are cornered. Now since RT users don’t have the desktop version of IE App, the only choice is to add ...

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Windows RT Jailbreak Tool : Run Desktop Software

We all know that Windows RT does not allow you to desktop applications or any executable files which makes sure that RT users can only apps which are installed using the Windows Store. Some of the developers found a hole at the kernel level which made sure that Windows RT user will be able to not only install Desktop Application ...

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Trakdot Luggage : Find where your luggage when it goes missing

Trackdot Luggage tracker

Though rare but its not uncommon for any one to lose his luggage at the airport because somebody during loading and unloading sent it to some other flight or it never board along with your flight. Now even though Airport guys will be taking lot of effort to find your luggage and chances are that you will find it but ...

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Smart Watch & Smallest GPS Tracker unveiled at CES 2013

Looks like the future is not far when we will have everything on our wrist and mobiles will be replaced with some kind augment reality and watch in combination. I’m , the Italian company which introduced to the first smart watch last year has introduced another in their series I’m here which includes GPS tracker making it a perfect devices if ...

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NuVo Wireless Audio System : 16 Music Streaming Zones, Dual Band WiFi

NWAS Gateway P200 iPhone5

NuVO has unveiled a brand new concept in Wireless Audio System which allows to stream up to 16 music channels concurrently over Dual Band WIFI which is an excellent solution for home music system. The music is streamed at 600 kb per second which is pretty high for any wifi music network. So how does it connect with Music ? ...

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SpareOne : Mobile Phone Powered by a Single AA Battery

Spare One

While the world blasts out all smart phones for creating high end mobiles which cannot last even a complete day, Spare One has revealed a Mobile Phone which can run over a Single AA battery allowing you to make few calls when you cannot find a charging place but do have batteries around you. Using this phone is simple because ...

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Free Download Adobe CS2 with Legal Serial number Now!!

Looks like Adobe is has opened up its Creative Suite 2 for free to everybody which incudes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Image Ready and Adobe version Cue. This definitely does not look like any mistake because everything gets registered under your Adobe ID i.e. if you don’t have one, create one right away. Steps to download ...

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Volume control apps for Nexus 7

Nexus 7 has this volume buttons on the side which I find very inconvenient to use and I am little bit scared that using it too often might turn into wear and tear. So the only solution of this situation was a volume control app which could integrate well either in the notification centre or was as easy as using ...

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Dropbox App for Windows 8 : Its a Joke!!

Missing Menu in Dropbox App for Windows 8

Dropbox has finally released Windows 8 Native App which Windows RT users will praise a lot more than the Windows Pro users. Now being a Pro user, I had lots of options with Windows 8 App, and I am lot disappointed and feel like a joke was played on me. Learning Curve : There is a big time learning curve ...

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