MOO rolls in NFC App for Android for any NFC tag (Read / Write)

Those who have always fancied about having NFC tags on their business cards, MOO, who specializes in  Business Cards, Postcards and MiniCards, is one the companies who came with such ideas. They in fact distributed 150,000 such business card in 2012. The same team has now come up with an app, NFC by Moo for Android.,  It allows you to write ...

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Package Tracker : Best parcel tracking app for Windows 8

Package Tracker for Windows 8

Tracking an incoming package is always a restless job. This gets even messier when you have loads of coming every week. So what most of us do is get in the carrier website and start tracking. This goes on and ends up in a lot of wasted time which cannot be recycled. So today, for Windows 8 Users, we are introducing ...

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Windows 8 Valentine’s Day Apps for the Committed Couples

Cocktail Windows 8 App

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and its time you better plan it out either if you are looking for someone or hanging out with your partner on that day. Below are few Windows 8 Apps to get things done and have a good one. 99 Labels:  This app is perfect event based app which helps you find deals and ...

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Make USB drive Read-Only when you plug it in your computer

USB Read only at Startup

Catching a virus from a USB drive is as common as getting common cold. This is one reason why you see every Cyber Café or even your friend scanning your USB drive he plugs into his computer. One of the effective options is to make the drive read only, so none of the virus can perform a copy operation.  This ...

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How to Move already installed Windows 8 Apps into Another Drive

One of the most common things which I did using my PC, in old days, was making more space in my C Drive. Those days we had always less space allocated for the OS. So when we need to install something which was of considerable size, choosing a different drive was the only option. This reminds me of the popular ...

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How to use Printer’s Scanner when it’s out of ink

Webscan for HP Photosmart printer

I happen to have an HP Photo smart printer which has all the functionality like Scanning, Copying and Printing, etc. Now it ran out of Ink recently and I had no time to get it refilled. The best part was that all of a sudden I had a lot of document to be scanned and sent over email. So I happily ...

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How to Unlink Skype & Microsoft or Facebook Account, Mind the Limit

Unlink MS Skype Account

If you have always wondered if there was any option to remove the linked Microsoft Account with your Skype Account, then there wasn’t any actually. Good news is that According to Live Side, Skype has rolled in this unlinking option the profile. This allows you to remove the associated MS account from Skype. However, to warn you, there is a limit ...

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Android : Share your WiFi hotspot login with a tap (NFC)

NFC Hotspot Sender Preferences

Its a common scenario that when a friend jumps in your house and wants to use your WIFI, you always take that phone in a secret place to key in the hot-spot details. Some people who are smart use their routers push button but then we don’t have routers at all the places. So here is a simple solution for ...

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