Bing Translator Comes to Windows 8, Translate Texts Using Camera

If you have ever used Windows Phone, the vision feature or the camera lens allows you to translate text from any language to your language. Something similar has come to Windows 8 via Bing Translator which was already available in Windows Phone. This app will allow you to translate any written text into one you want. The best part of ...

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Review : HP Envy X2 & If You Should Buy It

In this post I have talked my experience of using HP Envy X2 running Windows 8 Pro. Instead of talking all about hardware and boring specs, I have only talked my experience using it using it as Tablet, Laptop, build quality and battery life. If you have any questions apart from these please do put it in comments. Design & ...

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How to Change Adsense Code for Mobile Design

Google AdSense recently announced that publishers can change their Adsense code to adjust according to their Mobile Theme or the Responsive Theme for their website. This came directly because of the increased adoption of responsive theme over mobile theme which kept down the complexity of managing two different theme and multiple ad units. So instead of publishers figuring out screen sizes and ...

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Beware Flipkart, Amazon India is Now Live!!

Amazon India Movie Listing

Amazon India has finally made it’s way into India starting today and its time we will see good completion around with Flipkart. Even thought with limited stock but Amazon making its appearance in India is a big deal. Almost a year back Amazon did appear for India in form of Junglee but it seems it was done for getting some ...

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Change Google Plus Layout, Post Width & Auto Refresh for Latest Content.

Google Plus Change Layout

In a recent update to Google Plus Layout, the overall usability had been optimized so anybody using Google Plus only concentrates on updates from his circle and pages. As a matter of fact, it seems to be also optimized for mobiles as the width of the Google Plus posts are now thinned down where you can either watch single updates or ...

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Voxdox : Convert Scanned Text & Documents to Speech on Android & iPhone

Many of us when travelling around the world always need to convert a written foreign language into ones native language. Though there are tons of application that can do text to text translation, Voxdox is a new iPhone, Android Application which can convert text into speech. This means you will be able to convert it using your phone camera. In ...

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Get SMS Notification When Idle on Hangout (New GTalk)

SMS Notifications for Hangouts

When Google rolled out Google Plus, it was damn straight that Google will put all its effort to get as many people  on board it can. Though you can always opt out of Google Plus when in browser but Google now has hit on the soft corner, Google Talk. This messenger service from Google has been a major part of ...

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Panasonic’s P51 Looks Like A Well Thought Phone

Panasonic has launched a high-end Android Phone — P51 in India aiming to gain 8% market share in future. Though late in the party, the hardware specs look very decent compared to the phones which are regularly launched in India. The best part of this phone is that it comes with the latest Android OS version 4.2 or the Jelly bean. ...

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Google LG Nexus 4 Announced in India for INR 26,000

Google Nexus 4

Finally after a very long wait, Google and LG has announced Nexus 4 for India which for many users will be an exciting news if they had been  waiting for it and it had been expensive to import it from outside India. It runs the latest version of Android and comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor, 3D graphics and gameplay and 2GB of ...

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Quickly Remove Image Backgrounds with Clipping Magic

Clipping Tool

There is always something in the background of your favorite image that you never like. Be it the boring color or the guy with a weird face. So when it comes to  removing them, most of us end up thinking about high-end tools like Photoshop or use our best to do it with tools like Paint!!!! So here is an ...

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TouchPal : An Alterative Keyboard for Windows 8 Tablets

Touchpal for Windows 8

Even though Windows 8 touch interface comes with a virtual keyboard it’s not as efficient as standard keyboard. If you have used alternative keyboard on your Android phone, you know features like prediction based typing or even different layouts are missing. In this post we have talked about TouchPal, a flexible, alternate and prediction based keyboard. Features of TouchPal Keyboard: ...

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Run Windows 8 Apps in Desktop

Windows 8 Native apps are designed to work full screen which gives better experience and more space for one to interact with it. However, switching between the apps, specially when you work with Desktop Apps and Native Apps together, this feature becomes one of its biggest drawback. As an example, I am mostly a desktop user and desktop apps are ...

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