How to change country or region in Microsoft Store

Change Region Settings in Windows 10

Windows 8 Store picks up your location to filter and shows apps which makes a lot of sense for most of the users, but a power user might be interested in knowing what apps are coming out in other countries, especially UK & US.  You can use the online version of Microsoft Store for quickly searching for apps you want ...

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How to take full ownership of files and folders in Windows 10/8/7

Take Ownership settings in Windows 8

Many times when you access files or folder on Windows 10, you receive an error which says you do not have permission to either view the file or even get to see what is inside the folder. These errors generally pop-up when either you are trying to access System files or files which is owned by anybody else. The post ...

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Multiple ways to open Windows 10 Settings

Multiple ways to open Windows 10 Settings

Windows 10 has a modern Control Panel Settings which can be accessed only using the shortcut Windows + I, followed by settings option. It is a pretty version of the control panel which is more readable, but still has tons of options including Reset, Wallpaper Changer, etc. In this post, I will share multiple ways to open Windows 10 Settings. The ...

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How to auto retrieve personal files from Windows.old Folder

Recover Personal Files after Upgrade in Windows 8

Many Windows users have upgraded to Windows 10 must have noticed that there is a WINDOWS.OLD folder on their drive. It is in the same drive where Windows installation took place. For those who are not aware, this folder is backup of your personal files if you choose it as an option before the upgrade. If you or Windows want ...

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How to disable and add Startup programs in Windows 10

disable and add Startup programs

If you thought that I was a bit crazy when looking at the title post, I would not hold you wrong, after all, who wants to add programs to Windows Startup and make it even slower. All we do is keep removing programs or at least delay it. So, what’s the real idea of this topic? Its about to let ...

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Add free Spell checker to Wordpad Notepad or anything you can type on

free Spell checker to Wordpad Notepad

Wordpad and Notepad are two windows editor which comes without any spell checker. Till now there had been no application ever attempted to add one to them. These two editors might not be very popular but comes very hand when you need to do a quick copy paste without opening any other heavy application. So the point is, How do ...

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How to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 10

Elevated Shortcuts for Windows 8 Windows 7

UAC is an annoying prompt whenever you launch a program which needs admin privileges. Even though Windows 10  handles it pretty nicely but if you have some programs or executable which always need Administrator Privilege prompt screen, then here is a way to suppress them all the time. You can choose to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 10. Use ...

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How to sum a column on OneNote like Office Excel

sum a column on OneNote l

OneNote is a powerful tool to keep track and calculate expenses and incomes. However, when it comes to summing up numbers, especially for a column or table,  we know how irritating it is to sum all the columns at the end of the table. Table Sum Toy is an excellent add-on and is now updated to work with Office OneNote, ...

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Create Thumbnail of Microsoft Office Documents when You save it

Create Thumbnail of Microsoft Office Documents

By default Office documents like Word and Excel take the standard icon (I mean the word icon which represents the word document) but if you want to get a cute little preview like the images to get and you can visualize what they look like before you can open it. In this post, we will share how you can create ...

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How to Clear Printer Queue in Windows 10 (Stalled Print Jobs)

Stalled Printer Repair

How many times you had wanted to print a document, and it never printed because it was stuck in the printer pool. Now if you are wondering why it is stuck, even your tech guy will have a hard time figuring why do print jobs get stuck in the queue?. The problem is that some of these jobs do not get deleted ...

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How to completely remove printer driver from Windows 10/8/7

remove printer driver

Sometimes when you install or update the printer driver, it does not work correctly for some reason, and the only way is to remove printer driver which was installed before and install fresh. To do that there are one or two ways, depending on which works for you nicely. Now before I get into details of it lets us understand ...

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