Create Virtual and Multiple Desktop with Virtua Win [Windows]

Multiple Desktops are the best options if you don’t have multiple monitors, it not only increases your desktop area but allows you to maintain multiple applications without getting distracted. Like You can have one desktop for writing articles. One where you watch videos and Music and so on This way you tend to get less distracted. Virtua Win is an ...

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How to auto generate months in Microsoft Office Excel 2007

I was preparing my accounts for this financial year and had to do calculations month by month. Now it was really tiring to type each month one by one. I wanted to generate all the months automatically and I found how to do it. Damn Easy Here are the steps. Select a cell in excel , right click and select ...

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Generate Hex Code of your name or just any text [ Programming ]

Remember those scare hex code which we used to in machine codes like using 80386 and 8085. I remember how tough was to do that , well not really but yea it was not easy either. Don’t worry I am not asking you to write a code but telling you about another online tool which generates hex code of anything ...

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How to convert text to mp3

Voz Me on Websites

Converting text to voice can be very useful in so many ways, you don’t need to read out simply listen. vozMe is a service that can help you in creating mp3 from the text. It is a easy to use online tool. You just need to type in or paste the text. Enter the text as shown in above image. ...

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How to test your site in different resolutions [ Web Designing ]

Free tool to test your website or blog in different resolutions

Designing a site is certainly a tough job as it involves lot of testing, apart from other steps checking the site for different resolutions is an important job, this takes a lot of patience and time as well. AnyBrowser is a service that allows you to do this testing online and that too, very easily. Just point your browser here, ...

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Convert a full-color web page into a grayscale [ Online Tool ]

Imagine a world where all web pages are just black and white ,Sounds boring eh ? Yeah it does but what if a tool show you page’s perceived contrast and find a true visual contrast of your web site. This might sound little odd but at Gray Bit they say Relying on colors to determine page visibility and contrast can ...

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Generate Customized Graph Paper in PDF [ Graphs ]

Graph paper Generator

If you want to generate a standard graph paper with option of specifying Document Size ( 8.5 x 11 inches or 11 x 17 inches or A4 (21 x 29.7cm) or A3 (29.7 x 42cm) ) Border Gird Line Weight Grid Spacing and Grid Color   Its time to head towards Plain Graph Paper PDF Generator which allows you to ...

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11 plus printable graph papers that comes handy [ PDF ]

What do you do when you really need a graph paper and you don’t have one at home ? ( Specially if you are math student )….Run to to store or pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing. No more no more. Here are 10 Printable graph papers in PDF format which you can print off and use ...

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Download N78 User Manual [PDF format ]

n78 Manual

If you are looking for online version of Nokia 78 manual download this PDF file which can be handy. You can just use it on your computer. Picking up the line from Nokia on N78 model The Nokia N78 packs a powerful range of technologies, including integrated A-GPS, with free Nokia Maps, WLAN and high-speed HSPDA 3G connectivity, a 3.2 ...

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10 worst Captcha you might have never seen

I always used to thought Captcha is used to stop spammers but these Captchas would  just stop anybody . Don’t believe it , Try to guess this animated Captcha, Super 10000 BC Captcha, Hate Your Math More Captcha   Want More read more JohnmWills 10 worst Captcha

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Toodledo -Your Online Planner and Organizer [ Online Tool ]

Toodledo is an awesome service, which allows you to organize your tasks by saving them at one place, with their specific Priority levels. This service can be very useful for people like me, who keep forgetting things like important dates, appointments, meetings and some time even short term goals are missed as you planned to achieve them within certain time, ...

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Edit your Photos Online with Web Resizer [ Online Tool ]

Once you click a photo from your Digital Camera, you often feel like editing them, this editing can have a wide range of operations, like cropping, resizing, rotating, sharpening, tinting etc. There are several tools to do these operations, but most of them are heavy weight applications, especially if you have a PC with smaller RAM or old processor. However ...

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