TomTom Android App for India costs Rs 2050; Will you buy?

When it comes to navigation Google Maps and Here maps from Nokia are the most used ones. While the later gives complete offline support company like TomTom still leads the global navigation solution used by companies providing cars on rent and many other places. TomTom has recently launched their app for Android in India priced at Rs 2000 which is ...

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Review: Lepow Moonstone Powerbank

When it comes to battery packs or power banks, they are pretty ugly in design even though they might be jus sturdy and impressive when it comes to performance. So when I got to know about Lepow Moonstone Powerbank, I could not get my eyes off the product images and really wanted to know if it’s actually that beautiful as it looks into ...

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Password Protect Bookmarks in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Chrome Bookmarks in Incognito Modes

When it comes to hiding what we are browsing and what we search around the web, Incognito mode is what is used by everyone but even then bookmarking them and keeping them safe from others is challenging. Though the best ways are saving it to a bookmarking service or sending yourself an email but they all are time-consuming. What if you ...

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Pirate Bay Rolls out their own Pirate Browser based on Firefox

Pirate Browser built on Firefox

No matter how much effort an ISP puts in or the government does, censorship always gets a backdoor and now Pirate Bay guys have rolled out a browser of their own — Pirate Browser which has enough smartness to bypass every ISP Blocks and make any site instantly available. Based on Firefox, this browser could become a pain for many ISPs,. Government ...

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How to Enable / Disable Erase Device Option on Android Phone & Tablet

Android Device manager

Google recently launched a new service, Android Device Manager,  which allows you to track your Android Phone or tablet. This is very similar to Find My Phone service available for Apple device and Windows Phone which is also used when your phone gets lost and you need to track it. Even though Finding lost mobile phone is still the most difficult ...

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Flipkart eBook App launched for iPad & iPhone, Updated for Android

Flipkart eReader for Android

As eBook reading is picking up its pace with Mobile media and Amazon’s Kindle being the most popular, Flipkart has launched their eBook reader app for iPhone and iPad and revamped for Android users to boost its eBook selling in India. Till date only android users had this app, but now since the app is available for iOS, and recently ...

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Infographic​ of Indian Digital Advertising

Getting out of the topic we cover here, today we are sharing an Infographic on Indian Digital Advertising which was shared by SVG Media with us. This infographic gives a bird eye view of how the operation takes place, major players in each category and how the funds flow across along with services ( From Advertiser to Publisher via different media) The ...

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Instagram Uploader & Viewer for Windows 8 — Instapic

Instapic for Windows 8

Looks like Instagram is getting so addictive between users that they just want it everywhere. Be it mobile or their PC. While Windows Phone users have options like Instance, Windows 8 users now have Instapic which is a beautifully done Instagram client. Before you raise your eyebrows and ask me if it can post a picture ? Yes it can ...

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Review Lava Iris 504Q

After reviewing Lava Iris 458Q, I was eager to try the 504Q which places itself in mid range phone and I have to say its a pretty good phone for that price after using it for 14 days straight which also includes one of my family members using it for around a week. No complaints so far, the screen is just ...

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Hot Watch – Gesture based Smartwatch that makes Private Calling Possible

Looks like Smartwatch area is picking up and during 2013-2014 we will be looking at many such smartwatches. Today I discovered another Kickstarter project and its called as Hot Watch which are providing something unique of their own. Lets check out the features: Private Calls Made Possible: Most of the smartphone allow you to take up calls and have the conversation over speakers which ...

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Gesture Apps for Android to Control Your Phone with Air Waves

Air Call Accept

Gestures are becoming more common in upcoming Android phones and manufacturers are trying their best to attract users towards it. That said sometimes these features are only limited phones and who knows it might also come with future version of Android but the phones which cannot get these features at all, there are apps to get this done. Magic Unlock ...

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