Carry your Laptop in USB drive with MojoPac Freedom ( Free )


Ever wondered if you can carry all your software and settings in USB and use it anywhere, on any other computer without re-installing the softwares again ? Well its possible. Months back I introduced MOJOPAC solution which allows you to carry all your installed softwares and settings into a USB but that was a 30 day trial offer. In the ...

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How to better Defragment paging files and registry hives

Windows 7, Xp and Vista comes with built in support to defragment your hard disk to speed up or increase your computer / PC performance. However the default defragment is limited to files scattered around your hard disk. There are even tools available which allows you to faster defrag in pretty much less time. However none of the software’s allows ...

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Tips to improve your wireless network

Its a common problem that after setting up your wireless network, you still face problems of weak signals or at some places of your home there is no signal.One of the major reason which I have seen is poor positioning of routers, repeaters. If you’re looking to improve the signal for your wireless network, I found some of the tips ...

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How to find all unread mails in gmail

If you get huge amount of mail in Gmail Inbox and some of them you forget to read or want to read later but you cant as those unread mails get buried behind the scenes when new mail comes. I found a small trick which can make your life a lot easy by listing out only the unread emails. Moreover ...

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11 Time Management Tip – How I manage Work and Blog

Part time blogging is one of the most difficult things to do or rather difficult to manage specially when you have a family also to look around. I have a day job which takes away around 10 hours , stealing the time where I can be most effective. Even though it’s not easy but I do manage both of them ...

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How to start and end process on a remote computer

If you are system administrator then this set of tools will help you to administrator remote process from your computer. You will be able to list, start and kill remote process with Microsoft System Internal tools called as PS Tools suite. It’s another tool from System Internals which is similar we used to track and handle DLL which we talked ...

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Download Itunes 7.4.2 to use iPhone with Itunes

Apple Itunes 7.4.2 seems to be working with Iphone and as stated on their download page. Itunes version 7.4.2 addresses an issue with creating ringtones using iTunes Plus song purchases and includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance. To use iPhone with iTunes requires Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later.Tunes 7.3 requires Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, or Windows ...

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How to make money from YouTube : Partners Program

Advertisement for YouTube Videos

YouTube Partners program is a special program for video producers to make money from advertising where combination of Adsense and YouTube Direct Advertisement is used. This program is only available to selective advertiser who have rights to the video they produce and can place advertisement. Eligibility Criteria for YouTube Partners Program : As such there is no direct set criteria ...

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Track handles, DLL and Processes with Process Explorer

Process Explorer

Process Explorer gives you an extra hand to manage process, handles, dlls on windows vista and XP over windows task manager. Task Manager gives you a basic set of control over processes running under windows. Process Explorer goes on step ahead and can tell you what are the files and dll’s are open and loaded for any running process by ...

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Bots are back in Yahoo Chat room

Inspite of adding captchta check in yahoo chat rooms bots are back in chat rooms. I got a comment in my post saying they are back and I verified myself. Now its really stupid that real users are going under captcha check and bots are floating around in chatroom Update: Download Yahoo Messenger For Vista ( Click ) is available ...

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Add shared items of Google reader to web clip in Gmail

Web clips in gmail allows you to add a valid feed by searching.Its mostly used to read headlines.Since it does not support to add any OMPL file, its one of the most unwanted features in gmail. However there is one way you can utilize it. Google Reader allows you to share feed items I.e posts which can be accessed through ...

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How to send free sms using Gaim Client using Linux

Chikka Messenger

This is a small trick for Linux users if you want to send an sms from your pc for free.This will be applicable for Linux users.You will need a GAIM Internet messenger, Chix Gaim Plugin and libchix library and Indiatimes chika account.These are the things you need to download first. GAIM Internet messenger Chix Gaim Plugin and libchix library An ...

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