How the human brain interprets data – AI vs Humans

Mimai Tech Lovers

AI or Artificial Intelligence is getting evolved as you read this post. It’s real and a bare fact AI will be a significant role-player sooner or later as Technology improves, but have we ever thought why AI? The human brain is said to be the most complicated thing in the world. So the questions here is that, then why do ...

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What is Phishing? Types of Phishing

Spot fake website phishing

What would you do if you want someone’s password for an account? You cannot just ask right away, because that will never work if you are a trusted friend. So what you do next is set up a trap, fake the users to retrieve it. In this post, I am sharing necessary details on Phishing and types of Phishing. What ...

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Bloggers Poetry Do you sing it?

Blogging Ideas

A small effort from my side to write something on blogging to make every blogger smile. ——— I start my day by sitting on a chair Giving my blog a hard cold stare By next minute I am done with another post Oh! This has become a routine so boring Like all, I entered blogging with great hope, Adds are ...

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Xbox 360 digital download service Is it worth?

Xbox 360 digital download service Is it worth ?

After a year of the launch of Xbox 360, Microsoft offers a digital video download service that provides Xbox owners to buy television shows and rent movies. This announcement makes Microsoft as first console maker to offer this kind of service. Xbox 360 digital download service Is it worth it? So, consumers will now be able to access hundreds of ...

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