How to Search and Replace text in multiple Files

Search replace text multiple files

Most of the Document editing tools like Office application come with an inbuilt utility to find and replace text. Still, when it comes to search and replace text withing multiple text files or even HTML files, there is hardly any option. Most of the applications can work only with one open file. In this post, we will share applications that ...

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Temporary Lock Keyboard, Mouse while cleaning Windows Computer

We often need to wipe the monitor, touch display, clean the keyboard, and mouse. However, the problem is that you want to close your current work, and accidental movements can cause wrong clicks. While one way is to lock the computer and get it all done, but if you want to do it without locking the computer, you can do ...

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Christmas, New Year Themes and Wallpapers for Windows 10/8/7

Christmas New Year Themes Windows 10/8/7

Windows users love themes to get new images, new background music, and background images. Since its time for Christmas and the new year just a few days to go, here is our handpicked collection of  Christmas and New Year Themes for Windows 10/8/7. Some of the themes will work on Windows 7, while others will work on Windows 10. 1] ...

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Download Talking Santa: Feed him, get gifts, and more [Free Android app]

Free Talking Santa for Android Christmas app

Talking Santa is an excellent free Android App, a must-have download for everyone this Christmas. Once you get, it installed on your Android device, launch it to discover some ultimate fun moments. The application is similar to Talking Tom, which I am sure would have got a Christmas Theme already. Download Talking Santa: Feed him, get gifts, and more Santa ...

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Add Santa hats to your photo with free iPhone app

Add Santa Hat to Photos on iPhone and iPad

The holiday season is here; people are busy with Christmas celebration preparations. Several impressive applications for different mobile devices and platforms have been launched; in the same series, here is an excellent app for iPhone, which also is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch devices. It will allow you to add Santa hats to any photo and then share it ...

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How to Schedule emails in Gmail to send at later date

schedule emails gmail later

Many times we come across a scenario when for some reason or other, we compose an email. Still, somehow we don’t want them to be sent immediately, maybe like you know that it’s the birthday of your close friend and you want to email him/her to wish ‘Happy Birthday,’ but you know you won’t be able to do that as ...

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How to Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10

How to Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 10

The taskbar preview feature in Windows 10 lets you sneak peek or shows you a thumbnail to get an idea about what is open in that window. The default size of the preview thumbnail is around 200 px. If you find it small, then it this post; we will share how you can resize Taskbar preview thumbnail in Windows 10. ...

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How to create Symlinks in Windows 10/8/7

create Symlinks Windows

Symlinks or Symbolic Links are a symbolic link (also known as a soft link) consists of a select type of file that serves as a reference to another file or directory. This feature works on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. You can use them with Dropbox if you do not want to move folders but want to sync ...

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Instantly Sync or Add any folder to Dropbox in one click

sync folder dropbox instantly

There used to be a tool called Sync with Dropbox, which allowed Dropbox users to sync any folder outside of Dropbox to instantly sync with it. It was possible because of symbolic links. That tool is not there anymore, but it is still possible to sync or add any folder to Dropbox using a right-click. Instantly Sync or Add any ...

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Speed up or Slow down YouTube Videos by changing playback speed

Change YouTube Playback Speed: Speed up or Slow down YouTube Videos 

Many of us love watching videos with YouTube and other such services, watching video is an excellent way of learning things and at times to understand the functionality of some new software, or to understand  ‘How to.’ Still, often we come across videos that take lots of time explaining something pretty simple, or somehow, these videos are kind of elongated. ...

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TweetMyPC: Control your Computer using Email and Twitter

Control your Computer using Email and Twitter

TweetMyPC is free software that allows you to control your Windows 10 PC from Twitter. It will enable you to shut down, lock, and run custom commands from Twitter on the computer. The commands are not case sensitive, so you are free to write the way you want. TweetMyPC: Control your Computer using Email and Twitter Download the application from ...

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Find if your computer can play THAT Game

Check Hardware against game requirement

Sometimes it is really painful when you buy a game and later on find that your computer can not play that game due to some problems. Well, the Shops won’t allow you to test those games before buying it, but this tool definitely can tell you by running a small test on your computer. In the end, It shows if ...

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