Quick Tips on stuff you should use on Outlook.com

Quick Access to Microsoft Account Features

Quickly Access : Did you know you can quickly access Skydrive, People, Calendar etc by just clicking on the top left Outlook logo ? This feature will roll out everywhere once, rest of the properties get the same kind of upgrades. Outlook Status Check : If you think Outlook is not working for you properly, follow this link to find ...

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How to recover deleted messages / email from Outlook.com account

Outlook Deleted Messages Settings

Many a times you might want to recover a deleted email from your Outlook account even though you had deleted this intentionally thinking it will be of no use to you.  Outlook.com does makes this possible by giving you a chance to recover them unless its too old. To recover deleted messages follow the steps below : Go to Deleted ...

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How to use Yahoo & Gmail Shortcuts in Outlook.com (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Outlook Keyboard Shortcut Settings

After a major overhaul of Hotmail or the Live Mail account to Outlook, Microsoft has also made sure that any anybody who is willing to migrate from Yahoo Mail or Gmail to Outlook.com can use the same set of Keyboard shortcuts as they were using before.  Below are the details on How to turn on those shortcuts or completely turn ...

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How to Add Jetpack Comments in a WordPress Theme

Jetpack Comment Form

If you are aware of JetPack from WordPress, you must be also aware about the new comment form they introduced in one of the Jetpack extras which integrates Facebook, Twitter & WordPress integration along with the standard form of comment box.  This is what it will look like if somebody who is not logged into your WordPress blog which has ...

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Immersive Explorer brings Windows 8 Metro Explorer View to Windows 7

WPF Explorer for Windows 7 Windows 8

We all love to transform our existing Windows OS to something else like a Mac or even Windows 8. So if you are one those guys who love to change experience, here is something new to try for you. Immersive Explorer, a beautiful metrosih application, which gives you Windows 8  Like experience to browse files, folders, view drives and do ...

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Metro Link Apps : Create Shortcuts of Windows 8 Metro Apps on Desktop

Metro App Link

Windows 8 Live Tiles is one of those features which I just love to use and cant live without, mainly because of the tile update. However, these things vanish when you switch to desktop, and Windows 8 does not allow any Metro App to get pinned to Taskbar  & they aren’t allowed to have shortcuts on the Desktop either.  This ...

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How to get the New YouTube Interface, Carousel

YouTube Carousel

YouTube is yet again experimenting with a new interface which seems to be more oriented towards increasing the video consumption and giving users more video than distractions.  This new experiment is being termed as Carousel which means “A rotating machine or device, in particular a conveyor system at an airport from which arriving passengers collect their luggage.” So it seems ...

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Batman : The Dark Knight Themes for Windows 7

Dark Knight Windows 7 Theme

If you are a Windows users, the experience is never complete without a Windows Theme. So here is our lost of hand picked Batman: The Dark Knight edition themes which includes wallpapers from movies and other artworks. Some of them are from the theme creators themselves. If this is not enough, don’t forget to grab the Dark Knight wallpaper collection ...

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Best of The Dark Knight Wallpapers

Dark Knight Middle Age

This goes to all the guys who are a big fan of Ben, The Dark Knight and the awesome movie. I have collected over wallpapers, inspiration arts which you may use for personal use only and not for commercial usage. The Awesome Dark Knight This piece of work comes from DanLuVisiArt  who had been obsessed with Batman and his stories ...

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