Video : Dropbox introduces 2 Way authentication after security hits

Enabling Time Based Auth Barcode

After waves of security issues faced by Dropbox recently, the company has now introduced 2 Way Authentication based on same fundamentals as  Google’s 2 Step Authentication system. However, this  is introduced in the experimental build which you need to enable as of now, but I am pretty confident that this will soon bee rolled out all accounts. So for now here are ...

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Windows 8 App : Generate Barcode for URL, Email, vCard, SMS and more

Barcode Generator app for Windows 8 is a free Windows 8 App which allows you to generate Barcodes for EMail Address, any URL like Twitter Profile, YouTube and other things like vCard, SMS etc. Now for a moment you might think, it isn’t a big deal which is pretty true but what we really liked about this app is it makes ...

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Windows 8 : How to Manage and Control Notifications

Windows 8 Notifications

Notifications on Windows 8 are now a decent, and the non-intrusive way to let you know something has happened which could be a background service which stopped, a new email or where there are more options for apps for a particular files type. Now being available as a core feature it can also be utilized my Apps also, and as App ...

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Windows 8 : Lockscreen & Logon Screen Capture tool

Ease of Access Replacer

Taking a screenshot of Lock Screen and Login Screen has no option even though Windows 8 has an inbuilt way to save screenshot of your current screen. Though not required all the time but if you had special need to either test a software, show up a feature or want to show off your Lock Screen, Windows Club has released ...

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Windows 8 : How to set video as Account Picture (Video)

Video in Windows 8 Account Picture

Every Windows user loves to have a picture of different style and  in Windows 8, it is now possible to have a small video clip as your account picture apart from the regular picture. Even though Windows 8 allows this, you can only have a video clip of only five seconds. To setup the video follow the steps below : ...

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Windows 8 : How to remove password reveal button

Disable Password Reveal Button

Starting Windows 8, a password reveal button has been introduced which allows you to view already typed in password or if you have typed in and want to see it again in case of doubt. This button is integrated everywhere in Windows 8 including the browser. Now, though useful but sometimes it can result in somebody else viewing your password ...

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Windows 8 : How to get back the Desktop Icon in the Explorer View

Desktop Folder Options in Windows 8

Windows 8 Explorer view is pretty simplified compared Windows 7. It seems to be not listing many folders, Devices by default, even if you expand the collapsed folders.  Most importantly I saw the Favourites and the Desktop icon was missing from the explorer view.  Both of these were important for me as it was easy not navigate to those folders ...

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Find if your computer can play THAT Game

Sometimes it is really painful when you buy a game and later on find that your computer can not play that game due to some problem. Well the Shops wont allow you to test those games before buying it but this tool definitely can tell you by running a small test on your computer. This tells at the end if ...

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How to Test & Setup New WordPress Theme on Live Site

Testing Live Theme Plugin

When it comes to testing and setting up a new theme, its more or less a nightmare because you not only need to test it but also make it live on existing website and lot of new content is getting published on the website everyday. For this kind of scenario, you have couple of options : Setup Local WordPress Installation ...

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How to Import Gmail Messages into Outlook.Com Account

Outlook Gmail POP Settings in Outlook

If you are already tempted with the awesome features of, It is possible that you can move all your emails from the Gmail Inbox, Archive etc and export into Account using the POP feature in Gmail. It is possible that this feature might not be enabled by default and you will need to enable it. Below are the ...

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