How to make money from YouTube : Partners Program

Advertisement for YouTube Videos

YouTube Partners program is a special program for video producers to make money from advertising where combination of Adsense and YouTube Direct Advertisement is used. This program is only available to selective advertiser who have rights to the video they produce and can place advertisement. Eligibility Criteria for YouTube Partners Program : As such there is no direct set criteria ...

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Track handles, DLL and Processes with Process Explorer

Process Explorer

Process Explorer gives you an extra hand to manage process, handles, dlls on windows vista and XP over windows task manager. Task Manager gives you a basic set of control over processes running under windows. Process Explorer goes on step ahead and can tell you what are the files and dll’s are open and loaded for any running process by ...

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Bots are back in Yahoo Chat room

Inspite of adding captchta check in yahoo chat rooms bots are back in chat rooms. I got a comment in my post saying they are back and I verified myself. Now its really stupid that real users are going under captcha check and bots are floating around in chatroom Update: Download Yahoo Messenger For Vista ( Click ) is available ...

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Download Free Antivirus for Windows Xp and Vista

Virus, Trojans and worms they all belong to the same family and are the greatest threats while you surf Internet. They can potentially get downloaded to your system if you are not using anti-spyware or a good anti-virus. Today Nirmal found some FREE Antivirus applications which can be used on XP and Vista (some of them). If you are using ...

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How to convert Power Point slides into images

After reading Amit’s post on extracting images from power point / PowerPoint, I got inspired if I can find anything more. One of the person seems to be interested in converting all the PowerPoint slides into images.The idea was more induced when i saw some search hits for images on my power point article lately. . Its damn easy and ...

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Add shared items of Google reader to web clip in Gmail

Web clips in gmail allows you to add a valid feed by searching.Its mostly used to read headlines.Since it does not support to add any OMPL file, its one of the most unwanted features in gmail. However there is one way you can utilize it. Google Reader allows you to share feed items I.e posts which can be accessed through ...

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How to send free sms using Gaim Client using Linux

Chikka Messenger

This is a small trick for Linux users if you want to send an sms from your pc for free.This will be applicable for Linux users.You will need a GAIM Internet messenger, Chix Gaim Plugin and libchix library and Indiatimes chika account.These are the things you need to download first. GAIM Internet messenger Chix Gaim Plugin and libchix library An ...

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15 Tips to increase your productivity with Power Point 2007

Here is an ultimate list which will not only give you some hidden features but also increase your speed and productivity with power point 2007 for creating slide show. Since few days I had been working on it and here is the final list. We will discuss right from creating albums to formatting images and how to apply transition affects ...

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How to create custom slide show with PowerPoint 2007 / 2010

Custom Slide Shows

Sometimes we have really long slide show but not every slide is important. What if you want to show only few selected slides out of them. Instead of copying it into another slide show now you can customize to choose particular slides in Power Point 2007. Where it can be useful ? Lets take a case where you just need ...

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Four Image formatting tips using Windows Live Writer

Blogs which use more pictures for example a photo or a food blog should take the advantage of the new Image features introduced in the live writers latest version. In the last post I had to use lot of images to give the clear idea. Aligning images, adding color effects like sepia and adding a watermark to avoid other people ...

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Zoom your presentations and images with ZoomIt

Zoomit is an excellent tool and it comes very hand when you need to zoom some of the images , which probably has got details and you want to pin point it. It also lets you draw and type over the zoomed images. This tool developed by Mark Russinovich which is available for free download. Features of Zoomit Its an ...

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