Automatically Keep watched YouTube Videos out of Browsing History

Pause YouTube Viewing History

There can be thousands of reason why you would not want some YouTube videos showing up in your browsing history. Does not matter if they are those videos which you accidentally land on or videos which are just too private for you. Even if somebody cannot track your videos but its embarrassing if any one get to see it. So ...

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Create Custom Windows 8 Setup / Installation

Windows 8 Custom Installation Options

If you have ever wondered how OEMs are able to create bootable DVD with OS, Drivers and Custom App installation, then today I will help you not only understand it but also suggest software that can do it for you. There are few reasons why you might want to do it : Create Windows 8 Installation DVD or USB along with your ...

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Ready for Great Online Shop Festival (12-12-12) ?

GOSF Categories for Shopping

What is #OnlineShopFest ? Its an online shopping festival backed up by Google India to both increase the awareness of Online Shopping and start something for the first time in India.  It starts mid night 12 and will run throughout the day. So either you can burn the night oil or rest till morning to burn the whole day!!! You ...

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Windows 8 File Explorer Apps

Local Files Windows 8 App

Windows 8 and Windows RT both has the default explorer to manage your file operations. However, since Windows is now more touch oriented, an app version of file explorer, which gives the same kind of look and feel like other apps do, will be a warm welcome by many users. Windows Store is flooded with such applications, both free and ...

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Windows 8 Sticky Notes App for Lock Screen

Windows 8 Sticky Notes App

Windows 8 Lock screen allows various apps to connect with it to add notifications like Email, Missed Skype call etc. which helps users to know if something happened around with the most important apps they use. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, one of the most used software was Sticky Notes which was mostly used with widgets to display important ...

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Windows 8 App – Smalltube brings parental control for YouTube

Parental Control YouTube

The biggest problem with YouTube and Kids is there is no way to control what they can see and what they cannot unless the video on YouTube is marked to be viewed only by a certain age.  Like the previous version of Windows, Windows 8 also comes with a child account feature which gives you even better control. So today, we ...

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Fix : Make YouTube Centre Align from Left Align

YouTube User Script Left Alligned

YouTube today rolled out their new layout which is pretty sleek and pretty fast but, has a load of whiteness which many of you would not like it and there is no way to customize it as of now. Now what is really annoying is the alignment which is completely towards left resulting in even more white space and its ...

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Two problems with Google Plus Community

Klaus Herrmann Communities Sharing

Google Plus community is on the roll and so are the power users, and it was pretty quick that many of you might have realized the problem (as of now) with the community and it seems like a vice-versa issue. Whatever you post to Public Community, gets posted to your Profile, and you cannot share anything with your community when ...

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How to turn off Google Plus Community Notifications & Emails

Google Plus community Filter

Every time something new comes to Google Plus, specially where there are invites involved, My Google Plus Notification is flooded, and this happened with Google Plus Community feature which rolled out couple of hours ago. Both my email and Google plus notification are red and high in number. So how do you get rid of this ? Good thing is ...

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Right way to setup Google Plus Community Photo

Google Plus Community Photo

Google Plus has a new feature, Community, which is an equivalent to Facebook Groups, and if you are a webmaster who would like to take advantage of involving your users to discussions without putting a lot of efforts into forums, its a great choice. So now when setting up a Google Plus Community, one of the options is to set ...

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How to use LastPass on Windows 8 RT With / Without IE App

LastPass Windows 8 App

LastPass is one of the most incredible service that you can use for storing your passwords securely, specially if you have lot many to remember. In Windows, it can be easily used with most of the browser in form of the extensions, but for Windows RT users where the IE App is not allowed to have extension, it becomes a little ...

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