Google LG Nexus 4 Announced in India for INR 26,000

Google Nexus 4

Finally after a very long wait, Google and LG has announced Nexus 4 for India which for many users will be an exciting news if they had been  waiting for it and it had been expensive to import it from outside India. It runs the latest version of Android and comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor, 3D graphics and gameplay and 2GB of ...

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Quickly Remove Image Backgrounds with Clipping Magic

Clipping Tool

There is always something in the background of your favorite image that you never like. Be it the boring color or the guy with a weird face. So when it comes to  removing them, most of us end up thinking about high-end tools like Photoshop or use our best to do it with tools like Paint!!!! So here is an ...

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TouchPal : An Alterative Keyboard for Windows 8 Tablets

Touchpal for Windows 8

Even though Windows 8 touch interface comes with a virtual keyboard it’s not as efficient as standard keyboard. If you have used alternative keyboard on your Android phone, you know features like prediction based typing or even different layouts are missing. In this post we have talked about TouchPal, a flexible, alternate and prediction based keyboard. Features of TouchPal Keyboard: ...

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Run Windows 8 Apps in Desktop

Windows 8 Native apps are designed to work full screen which gives better experience and more space for one to interact with it. However, switching between the apps, specially when you work with Desktop Apps and Native Apps together, this feature becomes one of its biggest drawback. As an example, I am mostly a desktop user and desktop apps are ...

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Review : TYLT Y-Charge + Syncable for Smartphones & Tablets

If you are kind of person who travel in a car lot many times, running out of your smart-phone battery or even your tablet must be a common case. Many of you also keep working on your tablet as you travel and transferring files between your phone and tablet is another common use case. In this post I am going ...

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Nokia Music App & Music Plus comes to Windows 8 / Windows RT

Nokai Music Plus Features

When we visited MWC 2013, we met the Nokia Music Team ( Dean and Robbins) and were lucky enough to get our hands on the Nokia Music App for Windows 8 and Wind0ws RT.  This app is now available for Windows 8 Devices in UK, US, Ireland and Australia with others to follow up. (Learn how to install outside these countries) ...

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Quickly Switch Between Two Internet Connection on Your Computer

Many a times your Computer is connected to more than one Internet Connection. It can be  Two Wi-Fi or a combination of Wi-Fi and LAN. When you want to switch between them, you disconnect from one, disabling is most commonly practiced, so your computer automatically picks up the other connection. Though its a very easy task but it involves couple ...

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YouTube Earnings in Adsense showing up all Zeros ? Here is how to view them.

Seems like starting with April 2013, YouTube has stopped showing up earning in your Dashboard. I remember YouTube did announce something on similar lines where YouTube earnings will be shown only at the month end, at the time of final calculation, like YouTube Earnings. The Problem is that YouTube Estimated earnings are getting displayed as Zero while total earnings are still ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Look More Exciting than the Phone

Samsung S4 Health Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement has got a wide variety of mix responses. Some like it and some hate it because Samsung seems to be following the same Apple idea of brining in new phone with bit of hardware upgrades. Now if the phone doesn’t look exciting, I will suggest you to take a look at the accessory section which might look ...

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How to Export Feeds from Google Reader using Google Takeout

Google Reader Takout

Google Reader is retiring from 1st July 2013. A product which is being used by millions will be lost because Google could not make it profitable. As a matter of fact retiring AdSense for Feeds is the primary reason. So coming back to the topic, How do you export feeds from Google Reader ? The process was simpler before because Google allowed to export ...

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Two Tips to Show Only Best Videos on Your YouTube Channel

Re-arranging Sections in YouTube

YouTube recently updated (again) its YouTube Channel design for all the publishers. Looking at it, it is definitely headed towards a better way and for all devices like TV, Mobile and PC. In this design, when you visit the channel, you will see a couple of sections already listed. These are playlists, new uploads, most viewed videos of your channel. Now ...

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