Features of Windows 8 for IT & Business

Windows to Go USB Drive

Probably the biggest roadblock for Windows 8 will be to get into IT and make business adapt it and there are two reasons for it. First switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8 like any other OS migration is an extra cost to the business and second Windows 8  is an extreme change to any version of Windows users because ...

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Automatically Record Skype Voice Calls on Windows

Skype Call Recorder Settings

Recording Skype Calls is really useful if you want to recall what your client said in case you have missed some points even when you took effort to note it down.  Now there are couple of software which can do it for you, one of which is Skype Call Recorder which works fine but today we have found a better ...

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OCAT Tool can help you Troubleshoot Office Outlook issues

OCAT for Outlook

This is a good news for all Outlook users and Admins who had been breaking their head hard to fix issues around Outlook on Windows. Microsoft has a new tool like, Fix IT, called as OCAT or Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool  which can fix issues which has been commonly troubleshooted. Since this tools come from the Support Engg in Microsoft ...

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Google Plus Pages get Managers and Transfer Ownership Mode

Google Plus Managers

Finally Multiple Admins like Facebook Page feature has landed on Google Plus pages also where you can add people as managers to manage page and notification. Strange thing is you need to invite by email and you cannot add it by Google Plus ID from any of your circle or page circle. Managers Capabilities : Apart from Deleting the page ...

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Soluto brings Web Based Remote Management for your Windows PC

Soluto Web Management

If you havent heard about Soluto you seriously are missing something. We did review it long time back and been using it since ever. This tool for windows basically helps you reduce the boot time your windows machine is taking by analyzing the apps and then recommending you to pause, delay or keep as it is the apps to speed ...

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Selective Registry Backup Tool : SMARegistry

Smart Registry Backup Tool

I will call this Registry Backup Tool for Geeks and for users who know what is registry and how to handle it when it crashes, so unless you know what you are doing, ignore this and use the inbuilt registry tool ( regedit ) to backup all your registry settings or system restore if you mess up things. What this ...

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Control Privacy and Data usage on Android Phones

Prevent apps from accessing your Location and or the Internet Connection

If you are an Android user, you might be using so many apps downloaded from the official Android Market or from any other trusted sources. The apps which we keep downloading often access our location and the internet, sometimes the user is aware of this i.e. at times a user knows that certain app is accessing his/her location or internet ...

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Airtel Subscribers in India can now tweet a photo via MMS

Indian Airtel Shortcode

Twitter India just tweeted that Airtel Subscribers in India can not post a photo on their twitter account using MMS. Though I am not sure who in this age is using MMS but since many rural areas still don’t have access to so fast internet, this might just help them as they are already using Twitter via SMS. Also you ...

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Find apps for your phone while you browse [Chrome Extension]

Find the best apps for your phone while you browse settings

Computers, internet, and now smartphones and tablets have become the part of almost everybody’s life. There are several types of mobile OS in the market these days and so is the list of mobile phone apps, which keeps on increasing with every passing day.  No doubt, people use different methods to search for a specific app for their phones, some ...

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Movie Apps to Organize Movies and Search them quickly

Movie Monkey

An average computer user has tones of movies on his laptop or over a network drive which results in one simple issue for a Movie Enthusiastic, How do you search for a Movie where a certain person is an actor or how do you find if the movie has a good rating or How do you which category the movie falls into ? ...

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