Fix it Solution for Microsoft XML vulnerability in Windows

Microsoft Fix it 50897

Microsoft Security Advisory web page details out that about an XML vulnerability which can execute a program on a remote machine when a visitor visits such website using Internet Explorer.  Remember its not possible that you will be forced to visit such website or it will open automatically but if you accidentally visit such website by clicking a link from a fraud or ...

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How to always open Links & IE Live Tile on Desktop in Windows 8

Open Links in IE Desktop Mode

Windows 8 is all about Metro, Apps Settings and even Browser. Like always, Windows 8 comes IE 10 as the default browser which here comes in two avatar. One that is purely a Metro App and has all metro gestures, settings etc available, while the second one is close to how you use Internet explorer currently i.e. Opens in Desktop ...

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Simple Tips to Manage Metro Apps in Windows 8

All Apps

In this post I am sharing tips which you can use to manage the metro apps on Windows 8.  This will be handy if you are a new user to Windows 8 and managing apps can be tricky for the first time. View List all the installed Apps : Right click anywhere on the Start Screen and you will get to ...

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Check if your LinkedIn Password was leaked using LastPass Checker

Linked In Lastpass Password Checker

In the recent havoc of Linkedin Password leaks and a final confirmation on their blog it is necessary that you need to change your password immediately if you have not till now, and if you did you just need to make sure that your password is not one of the password that is out in open to be hacked again by using the LastPass Linkedin ...

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Flamer : Microsoft rolls update for Digitally Spoofed certificates

If you have not  heard of Flamer, Popularly known as Flame Malware, you seriously need to read this piece of news and share with as many people as possible as this malware can run in your computer with getting detected unless you have been updating your computer with latest updates regularly. Since not every computer user is geek to know about security issues, ...

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Control / Reduce Firefox Memory Consumption with Firemin

Firemin Optimize Firefox

If you are one of those users who have switched to some other browser from Firefox because it consumes a lot of memory, in fact, even so much that results in browser crash, here is software that will help you switch back. Firemin is a simple windows application which can control on how much memory Firefox consumes, resulting in smoother ...

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Access Outlook Address book without starting Outlook

Many a time when you just need to access Contact Book in your Outlook, you just hate to launch it because of many reasons like Starting Time, Waiting time because it automatically starts syncing or just too lazy to do so much of the work. NirSoft has developed software which allows you to access your Outlook Address book without even ...

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Bing Maps – “Powered by Nokia Maps”

Finally it has started rolling out. We all know how powerful Nokia Maps are, specially Nokia Drive and after the deal that Nokia and Microsoft had it only made sense for the giant to integrate one of the best feature into Bing, the power of Maps. This happened today as per the announcement of Nokia Conversation. There are two parts of Bing which is ...

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