Install Dropbox using Soluto for your Family & Get 500MB Space Each

Dropbox Installation using Soluto

Soluto is one of the most trusted service to make your PC response faster, you can read about them here in detail so I can stay in topic. Now one of the features of Soluto lets you manage multiple PC, analyze whats on the computer, Spot Hardware issues and even install updates. This is extremely useful, specially if you want to manage ...

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Troubleshooting in Windows 8 just got even cooler

Windows 8 Boot Options

F8 or F2 is one most used keys when you want to troubleshoot Windows either in safe mode or command prompt or get into bios to change settings. Starting Windows 8, users will find it impossible to enable those options by pressing those hot keys at the boot time. Why ? Because Windows 8 boot is so damn fast that ...

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Windows 8 Multiple Monitor, Wallpaper and Taskbar Enhancements

Wallpaper Selection for Different Monitor

A good news for all Windows users having tons of monitors setup on the desk, Windows 8 is coming up with some cool enhancements which will make you productive and also let you enjoy wallpapers smartly!!!. Well Jokes apart but with the announcement made by the official blog posts on the Windows 8 Wallpaper, Multiple Windows Support and Taskbar enhancements,  ...

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Windows 8 has inbuilt Child Account Support & Weekly Report feature

Windows 8 Family Safety Report

If you all remember Family Safety Features in previous version of Windows which came via Windows Live Family Safety Service and you had been using it, Here is some good news for all who are awaiting to grab a copy of Windows 8. Windows 8 will have feature in built with account creation which will let you specific, exclusively, if the ...

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Twitter to introduce Contributors Feature similar to Co-Tweet

Twitter has a great ecosystem around it and one of the best service is Co-Tweet which allows multiple users to use the same account to tweet. This came in very handy for business and websites where multiple authors were given permission to tweet from that account without sharing the password. Same feature seems to be coming to Twitter also as Descary Discovers ...

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VideoCacheView : Copy temporary downloaded video files from Browser cache

Video Cache View

It is a known fact that whenever you watch an online video, the player always creates temporary video files in your browsers cache, before it actually plays it. This is essential for smooth user experience. Also if you have notice that some of the online videos, start playing instantly, if they had been already watched. The reason for this kind ...

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Download Black Ops 2 High Resolution Wallpaper (Official)

Claw Black Op2

Black Ops 2, from COD,  is announced to be released this November and it seems its completely a different game and has upgraded itself to compete with games like Mass Effect 3,  Halo etc. While I had been watching the trailer over and over to find what are the new aspects of the game,  Official pictures from Call Of Duty guys ...

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Amazon releases #fail fancy File uploader disguised as Cloud Drive App

Amazon Cloud Drive

Looks like competition is driving everything on cloud also, because finally today we have an App for Amazon Cloud Service for both Mac and Windows users. If you are not aware,  Amazon gives out 5Gb of free space for Documents, Pictures, Videos and has deep integration with its music service.  This is another cloud service you can add to your list after Dropbox, Skydrive and ...

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Why its too early to quit Dropbox and Jump to Google Drive or Skydrive

This post discusses on why its too early to move from Dropbox, to recently updated and Skydrive and introduced Google Drive services. The point where I am concentrating is “Why Its early to move, if you are already a very active user of Dropbox” and not why Drive or Skydrive is not good at all. They are, in fact, providing ...

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