Make Movie from your Facebook Timeline and Updates

Facebook Timeline

Ever since Facebook Launched its Timeline Feature I was very excited to try , one of the reason maybe was the Nice and Sleek Marketing Promo Video which Facebook Showed to let us know what Timeline was all about , Facebook Timeline was pretty good at what it did , told stories of your life via a Vertical Timeline , it told ...

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Video : Two Way Sync Android SD Card with Dropbox

Free Android app to sync a folder on SD Card with a Dropbox folder

We all are well aware of the Dropbox, and if you are a Dropbox user, I am sure you are already using the Desktop Client and probably the Dropbox app for your respective Smartphone as well. Using the Desktop Client for Dropbox makes it damn convenient for the user to share the files using the Dropbox service. The Problem – ...

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Record a message to be posted on your Facebook profile after your death

Upload a video message to be posted after your death on your Facebook profile

Facebook is becoming more and more popular every day, developers all across the globe keep on developing several Facebook apps. You might have seen several Facebook apps but this one which I came across recently is little different. Let us have a look at what this app is all about. This app actually is related to a bitter truth we ...

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Shutdown Windows without installing updates ( Hibernate it )

Many a times it happens that when you go to shutdown your computer at the end of the day, it asks you to install updates without giving any option to skip it. Though its a good thing to do that but then if you are in a hurry you cannot wait for the update to complete for next 20 minutes ...

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Volume 2 Changes Audio Level when you switch change audio output

It so happens many a time that you switch from Speakers to headphones and then you just rush to lower the volume because it’s too loud or when you are playing loud music on your laptop which already has low volume but you connect to 5.1 Channel Speakers and wake your family up because you had no control on the ...

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Create Temporary Email from your iPhone, iPad, iPod : Melt Mail

Melt Mail iOS App

There are lot many reasons why anybody will love to use temporary email than real one unless they can trust them. This is specially useful for new services which users want to try but since many online services has misused people stay off from revealing their real email id. Now coming back to topic, There is a new service name as Melt Mail which ...

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Nike announces FuelBand : The Stylish Calorie Tracker

Nokia Fuelband Wifi USB Connector

Its not you see something amazing everyday but Today Nike announced something which sounds futuristic but its here and its called as Nike Plus Fuelband which measures your daily activity  using a band ( which has a built-in accelerometer ) on your wrist and an app which keeps logging your data of what you do all day. In simple words it will ...

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Review : Official Wikipedia App for Android

Official Wikipedia for Android

Looks like Wikipedia was already ready for SOPA with finally its mobile app for Android making its appearance in the marketplace few days back but only noticed by few of its fan so even when it was all blackout today, All mobile fans had its access to the website using the mobile apps. So finally available for Android, the app is pretty similar to iPhone version ...

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Best desktop app to perform onscreen OCR [Works offline and Free for limited time]

Best tool to perform OCR offline

There are so many ways which allow you to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition), in case you are not familiar with OCR, have a look at this definition – “Optical character recognition, usually abbreviated to OCR, is the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert ...

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Send Multiple Documents from Windows to Kindle Devices

Send to Kindle Devices

If you are a windows guy reading books and Kindle and have always found it tedious to send a document on your computer to your Kindle device, Amazon has released a software, Send to Kindle for PC,  just to make you to smile. Mac Users will have to wait a bit. You will have to download this application from here ...

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Facebook Launches “Listen to Music” With Your Friends

Facebook Listen to Music

Finally Facebook has given one more reason to stay and connect with your friends on Facebook and this time the reason is pretty sweet, MUSIC. Facebook just announced that soon you will see “Listen With <Friend Name> ” if your friend is lsieting to a music which is connected with it Facebook account. So your Friend will be your DJ as you ...

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