Lava S12 ( Android ) Mobile Review

Lava S12 Review

We got the review unit around 2 weeks back and after using it around for 7 days and by 2 users we have mixed view of the handset but keeping in mind the price range and overall experience of the phone, we will recommend this phone to a particular set of users who are not very geeky and with regular ...

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Yahoo Launches JaxtrSMS Competitor : HUB : Messaging App for Android

Finally some update from Yahoo and it was surprising that it came for Android Devices with launch of a brand new app ( still in beta ) called as HUB which is a Messaging App bringing you that allows you to send text messages and have group conversations for free.  Though the idea is not new and very similar to WhatsApp or IM+ ...

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Google Releases Factory Images for Galaxy Nexus (GSM/HSPA+)

Galaxy Nexus

Users who keep flashing their Android Phone with custom builds but always would like to go back to Original Stock Android may be for a change or they did not like it had limited choice because finding the ASOP Images was tough but good news is that Google has officially released image along with the driver. This was posted by Binaries for Galaxy Nexus (GSM/HSPA+) ...

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How to Feature the most recent upload in YouTube Channel ( New Design )

YouTube Add Featured Video

The recent redesign of YouTube channel has triggered a big confusion among YouTube Channels about featuring their recent videos i.e. Featured Videos when a visitor comes to the channel.  Dont worry YouTube has not removed the featured video but its bit changed. If you had used the interface from beta, you already should know but may be you did not try ...

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Guide to New YouTube Channel Interface

Youtube Subscription

 For YouTube Users : YouTube Home page is much useful now as it allows you to watch your subscribed videos much easily with the three column layout where all videos from a particular channel selected on the left are shown in the middle column. “Show Uploads Only” Filter makes sure that you only see the new videos and not anything ...

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Add People to Google Plus Hangouts by calling them on Phone

Google Hangout Calls to Mobiles

Google Plus Hangouts now are supporting making calls from the Hangout Extra so you can ask people to join your hangout even if they are not on computer and they do not have Google Plus on their phone  which obviously is using Google Voice. You can call to anybody in US and Canada for free and from anywhere in the world.   ...

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Android 4.0 / ICS for x86 Released

Android x86 Desktop ICS

Devs at Android-X86 have been working hard to make the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich work on other plantofrms apart from mobile and they just posted that it is ready for x86 platform which means if your computer is x86 or 32 bit you can install it like any other OS like Windows or Linux using the Boot ...

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Screenshot Extensions for Chrome Browser

Quick Markup Screenshot Chrome

Taking Screenshot of web pages  are always useful whether you want to save it as proof of what was there or need it to explain somebody what can be fixed there or to get help from somebody when you are filling up something because what you might be seeing is not what other may see. So below are list of extensions which will ...

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Remove Unwanted Formatting from Clipboard before you paste it

Clipboard Format Editor

When you copy something from a webpage, lets say a bunch of text, many other things get copied also such as HTML, Plain Text, Unicode, Image Format etc. So when you paste it elsewhere it is completely off from what you had expected. Now though many editors like Office come along with Smart Paste which lets you choose what you ...

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Always Open Websites in Private / Incognito mode in Chrome

Allow Extension to run in Incognito Mode

For any specific reason if you need to open it in Incognito Mode i.e. Not traced Off from history list, the only way to do it as of now is to launch the browser in Private mode and surf around but then it becomes tricky to switch. Ghost Incognito extension for Chrome brings you this option on the run i.e. ...

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Don’t miss any scheduled G+ Hangout with Hangout Canopy

Hangout Profile Watch

Many a times it so happens that a scheduled google plus hangout with important people like Googlers are missed because you don’t get notified about it. If that’s the case then Hangout Canopy can track those hangouts by monitoring a user profile and when they start a hangout you get notified immediately. Useful for Hangouts with limited number of people. This ...

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