Metro Style Calendar : Wallpaper or Print to Hang on your wall

English Version of Metro Calendar

Vinceranda at Deviant Art has come out with an awesome windows phone 7 metro style calendar which either you can print on a nice good sheet and put it on your geeky wall or right-click to set as background once downloaded. This is for the year 2012. If you are a big fan of Metro Style, you just cannot miss it. ...

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Tubalr really makes it easy to listen songs from YouTube


If you use YouTube for listening to songs, today we are sharing a really nice service, Tubalr ( Thanks Dhruv ) which not only makes it easy for you to listen to the songs also lets you create your playlist using the favorite feature which you get once registered with them. So using is simple, search for songs using artist name and ...

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Windows 8 Lock / Login Screen for Windows 7

Windows 8 has a complete revamped lock screen which not only makes it beautiful with a custom background but also brings the notification system like email, music play etc and hopefully custom notification will come soon. Now I am assuming many of you might not migrate to Windows 8 so early because apps wont be metro based but if you would like to have the lock ...

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ICS Mods for Nexus S / 4G You would love to have

Nexus S with On Screen Buttons

After the release of ICS Android 4.0 which comes with a beautiful UI which Android is trying to get unified, Devs have started tweaking that itself in bits and pieces. Been tracking them from sometime and here are few lovely ones you can try on. Before you jump the bull, make sure to backup your current ROM with whatever recovery ...

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Kinect for Windows Announced ; Pre-Order Now

Kinect for Windows

Steve Ballmer announced Kinect for Windows so you can do your maths on excel sheet with a swipe, heh Just Kidding but the announcement is true and it’s getting released on 1st Feb 2012 , priced at 249 $, with lot of apps coming from some top vendors in 12 countries namely United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, ...

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Saving Electricity Consumption of your PC and Desktop : Granola

Granola App for Windows

Many of us now have multiple desktop and laptops in our home and small business can even have 20 to 50 machines running all the time. Known fact that every machine costs us a bit being constantly running all day and sometimes you need to have it turned on for downloads. Now what happens in usual case is your machine ...

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Make Business cards from your Facebook Timeline & Account Details

Facebook Cards

Looks like Facebook  next step is to get into offline world of humans with its first step is to let people create business card using the new timeline features, specially using the cover image and other info like your Status Update, Location etc which you have made public in your profile. To start making your Facebook Business Cards, Go here and start making. You ...

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CES 2012 : Gadgets worth taking a look [ Updated As We See ]

Xerox Mobile Scanner

Battery-Powered Xerox Portable Scanner   This is some awesome stuff which can make everyday life for people who just dont want to turn on their computer to send a document because this Portable Scanner from Xerox is Internet enabled to Send Documents without a Computer, something which I see  in HP printers but then this one runs on battery beat that!! ...

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Acer bringing iCloud Like Service : CES 2012

Acer Cloud Service

Acer just announced to bring a cloud service, Acer Always Connect @ ces 2012, for multimedia and data files making it available over the cloud to be accessed from any where. What is interesting is that Acer Cloud installed on a PC can wake it up and if it is connected to WIFI, you can play your movies stored on your computer to ...

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Track Windows Registry changes with Regshot

Installing software on windows results in change of registry which acts as big database for saving settings , trail period time, trial keys etc in Windows. At the same times its very difficult to find what changes had been made by any software because you never know where it going to add its settings unless you understand the registry completely. ...

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Apps to Read PDF like a Book, Flipping Pages

Create PDF files and Read PDF files in flip style like a book Soda 3D PDF Reader

There is no scarcity of PDF readers in the market, there are loads and loads of options, also there are several PDF Reader Applications which come for free. We all do read several PDF files, and hence PDF readers are very important part of every computer user’s life. Generally the readers available allow you to read the PDF files as ...

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