Jet Clean : Cleans up Windows 7 with Rescue Center in Place

Rescue Section of Jet Clean

We have seen lot of software which help you get rid of Junk Files, Invalid Files and unnecessary files which occupy a lot of space on your computer accumulating over days you used your computer but today we will discuss about JetClean Software which comes with some great features packed in one place which many novice users would love to have in ...

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Video : Sync Facebook Contacts with Android People App / Contacts

HaxSync Added to Accounts

Android users has always missed one thing, a complete integration of Facebook with their contact something which Windows Phone People Hub but since Google and Facebook never agreed syncing was not possible at all. However with ICS new API called as INVITE_CONTACT, the  built-in People app can now connect a contact with its social profile. If you have Twitter installed you might ...

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Track and Get notified when a Windows Service stops

Service Configuration Watch List

Many a times you might have seen error messages which says that particular service in Windows is not running and so the app you are trying to run will not work unless the concerned service goes up and if this happens often it becomes difficult to go and re run the service again and again. Any service can be run ...

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Will you change dates for your Facebook Updates

Updating TImeline Status

Facebook new “TimeLine” feature was recently rolled to most of the users and what is scary and confusing is the ability to completely screw your timeline by moving your updates from one date to somewhere in past which I find is completely ridiculous except one option which lets me hide some update which is OK if you are embarrassed of what you said and just don’t want it ...

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Install ICS for Nexus S I9020T / I9023 ( OTA Flashable Roms )

Android ICS 4.0

After waiting for at least two days when I did not get any updated on Android 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich for my Nexus S, I finally moved to this forum thread of XDA Forum which lists down all the OTA Updates of Nexus S which came along with your handset. Very handy if you want to roll back to stage ...

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Skin Packs for Windows 7: Angry Birds, Zune, Android and more

Free Download Angry Birds Skin Pack for Windows 7

It’s been long for most of since we started using the Windows 7, and hence it is pretty natural that many of us would like to have a change in the look and feel of our operating system now, isn’t it? So if you too are looking for a change, here are some Skin Packs which are damn easy to ...

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How to setup Yahoo’s Second sign-in verification

Yahoo Mobile Number Verification

Yahoo accounts are now more secure than before with the recent launch of Second sign-in verification method introduced which like Google Authentication method sends to you SMS to login to your account once you have successfully verified your password but even though it is very much different from Google’s method. How to set it up ? Go to your Yahoo Account ...

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Lync for Android is Here and How is it compared to WP7 App

Looks like Microsoft has decided to make the most popular mobile  market Android and iOS both their playground by releasing  Microsoft Products based apps for them. Recent Releases of SkyDrive, Kinectimals for iOS, Microsoft has now released Lync app for Android Phones which was recently released for Windows Phone. For those who aren’t aware Lync is an Instant Messenger Service ...

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