Manage & Transfer files between Cloud Storage from a Single interface

Manage transfer files cloud storage

Being a regular internet user, we all tend to have accounts on several services that allow keeping our different types of files online in clouds. This is quite possible that you have accounts on various such services, like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. which allow keeping almost any type of file online. One of the biggest problems is to ...

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Download online videos and games using Firefox & Chrome

Download Online Videos Flash

Many a time, you need to download online videos and games for educational purpose or offline viewing. In this post, I will share how you can download online videos in Firefox and Chrome. You can also use the same technique to download flash games. However, support for flash will end soon, but as long they are available, you can download ...

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How to remove Network Locations from This PC in Windows 10

remove Network Locations This PC

Starting with Windows XP, through Vista and then Windows 8 and Windows 10, My Computer or This PC displays files and folders shared on the computer. If you want to remove this Shared Folder or remove Network Locations from This PC in Windows 10, here is how you can remove it. How to remove Network Locations from This PC in ...

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How to Hide user accounts in Windows 10

hide user accounts windows

If you have multiple accounts in Windows 10 willing to hide it or there are accounts that nobody is using it, then this post will show how you can hide user accounts in Windows. How to Hide user accounts in Windows 10 You can use this tip to either hide inactive accounts from the login screen or another admin account, ...

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How to add safe mode to boot list in Windows 10/8/7

add safe mode boot list

Safe mode is a special mode of Windows where it boots up with minimum hardware and software. It allows you to figure out if the problem is related to the OS or is someone else causing the problem. I have used to remove the virus infection, driver troubleshooting, and more. If you need to do it often, it would be ...

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How to download and install Windows Updates Offline

download install Windows Updates offline

Windows get updated frequently like 4-5 times a week and with patches and add-ons. We generally use Windows automatic update feature, but what if you have to reinstall the system again. All the updates of Windows is lost. But now there is a solution. Some of the updates issued by Microsoft, such as administrative updates or network do not require ...

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Windows 7 Easy Transfer Files to Windows 10 with User data & Settings

Windows 7 Transfer Files Computer

Windows 7 comes with an inbuilt utility, Windows Easy Transfer, which allows you to transfer files, Users, Settings, documents, emails, Internet Favorites, videos, shared documents, etc. from one computer to another without removal from your old computer. It will help you migrate users and their settings to a new system. There are two scenarios here. First is where you need ...

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How to get alert about excessive memory usage in Windows

Memory Usage Alert Windows 10

Many times programs running in Windows hang because of excessive memory usage and even hang other running programs because they lack memory. In short, they make them not responding. Keeping this in mind, Usage Monitor is a useful application that can warn you about excessive memory usage by an application before it becomes not-responding. Let’s find out how it can ...

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How to create Multiple Folders at the same time in Windows 10

create Multiple Folders

Creating a single folder is what we do all the time, but let’s say you would like to create ten folders. Little hard work right. Even we face problems like it, but the good news is that there are some smart solutions for this situation. In this post, we will show how you can create multiple folders at the same ...

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5 Effective Ways You Can Turn Instagram Followers into Customers

Turn Instagram Followers Customers

Instagram has turned out to be a potent tool for connecting people. Besides being a social tool, it can also be used as an entrepreneurial platform. You can use Instagram to grow your business and increase sales. However, you will need to have the know-how about how to make the best use of the internet. Instagram is all about posts, ...

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