How to convert YouTube Videos into 3D Videos

Which Figure Resembles your video the most

YouTube has recently launched a tool which allows you to convert any video into 3D videos without you loosing your real video.  This basically comes as an option for you like changing from Normal to HD or enabling captions for the video. Now there are two ways to create 3D videos Converting Videos which have Left and Right recorded separately. Converting ...

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Free Download Windows 8 Pro / RT Themes

Windows 8 Themes Metro Tile Series Purple

Starting Windows 8, Themes are way different from the themes we had in Windows 7, so if you try to install Windows 7 Theme on Windows 8, it will work but then you don’t get features like multiple taskbar, dual monitor support etc.  So below are list of themes which are just for Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT.  However ...

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Windows 8 : Refresh when Slow, Reset to Reinstall ( Video )

Starting Windows 8 now it is possible to re install the Operating System using System refresh still keeping the apps installed, files intact and no loss of personal data. The second in this trend is System Reset which is useful if you want to do a clean install, or planning to handover the machine to a new person.

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Sort / Edit Columns in CSV or Tab delimited files with CSVFileView

CSV File Editor

CSV or the comma separated values based files are not only difficult to read but they are very difficult when you want to really understand the data by using simple sorting etc, there is no way to do that unless you have option of  Microsoft Office Excel or upload to Google Docs. However if you are looking for a software ...

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Google Flight Search with Smart Calendar and Filter ( My Feedback )

Price Filter Search in Google Flight Search

If you make a search which is similar to “Flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas” and see the list of flights right into the search result,  then you should say big thank to Google Flight Search Engine behind it which you can reach  at Though it just works like any other Flight Search tool but what makes a difference here are : ...

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Search MSDN Forums right from Desktop : MSDN Forum Assistant

MSDN Ask a Question in Favorite Forums

If you are an avid user of MSDN Forums and depend heavily on your queries answered by experienced users, MVP and even Microsoft Guys there, MSDN Forum Assistant gadget for Windows is making it lot easier for you. Features of  MSDN Forum Assistant Asking Questions Directly Open Ask Question in any of your favorite forum.This reduces lot work where you navigate, find ...

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Windows 8 Features as seen at #bldwin

Windows 8 Start Screen / Desktop

Windows 8 was live previewed at the Build Event and below is a list of features which you will love to know but before that here is my view and just my view. Windows 8 is the first step towards a unified user interface for all users who love and will use Windows. This is not just another desktop OS getting released ...

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How to Backup, Restore & Create Chrome Profiles

Customize Sync preferences

We saw how Google Chrome has already introduced support for creating multiple profiles which allows you to connect them to their  personal account and hence keeping all your data synced across computer. This is very obvious that you sync on a shared computer only when you trust each other. Now recently it so happened that all these profiles were lost ...

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AT&T to bring Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash with Mango Updates

Windows Phone Blog has just announced Samsung Focus S  ( predecessor of Samsung Focus ) and another Windows Phone Samsung Focus Flash which will come with At & T connection. Along with this HTC Titan will also be sold under At & T Flagship. Samsung Focus S Specifications : It comes with screen size of 4.3 inch, Super Amoled Plus, 1.4 Ghz, ...

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