Managing Your +1 Personalization

Plus One on Google Profiles

Learn and Understand how Google's +1 Recommendations affect your search result, recommendations and tailored advertisement on the Web. You can disable this from your Google Profile in few easy steps.

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Make Windows Choose Lan Over Wifi : Switch Network Automatically

Advance Settings for Adapters and Bindings

In a scenario where your laptop or computer is connected to multiple network, lets say Lan ( Wired ) and WiFi, it may happen that your computer choose WiFi as the main network hence looks for every network transfer first through WiFi and then to LAN. This results in various issues like you might be connected to Internet but the ...

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Software to Kill Hanged / Not Responding Programs in Windows

Many a times programs in Windows stop responding and no matter what you do you do not get anything except the infamous not responding message. The only option which users try is using the Task Manager and either kill the process tree or just the program, whichever works. Below is the list of free applications which allows you to kill ...

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Group Taskbar Items in Windows 7 for better access

Free Taskbar Organizer to group taskbar icons

Ever since the launch of Windows 7, we have experienced a new way to interact the programs by pinning them to taskbar. The Taskbar in windows 7 came with several other enhancements, like it allowed shuffling the icons, and so on. Well if you are often found with so many windows (read several taskbar icons), here is an awesome desktop ...

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Productive YouTube Chrome Extensions

Clean YouTube Video

These YouTube Chrome extensions will help you making your time watch the videos productive. Type of Extensions discussed are Downloading videos, clean watch, replay part of the video, choose preferred play resolution, keeping track of your watched YouTube videos and so on.

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