See the Royal Wedding Photos in 3D

Royal Wedding Images

If you did miss watching the Royal Wedding, Bing Team has put up the photographs which you can watch in 3D i.e.Photosynth.  If you aren’t aware Photosynth, it’s a technique that  combines  the photographs taken from different angle but are overlapped. You can zoom in different parts of the image and see it from different angle thus giving you a ...

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Bug Heroes : iPad Game Review ( Video )

Food Stash and Hero

Bug Hero is an iPad Game which combines three major ingredients of any action game : Shooting, Defending and Surviving with infinite amount of weapons to fight with .  This game is absolutely free if you are money conscious  and you only pay if you buy new fighters which is absolutely not compulsory. Lets get to know the game. Game ...

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Find who is taking snaps from your Stolen Camera

Finding a stolen camera is a very odd idea but if you can actually find your lost camera it will be like dream come true for many because you can get those moments back which you clicked. Camera unlike Mobile Phones do not  tracking mechanism inside them. So how do you track them ? Every Image taken by a camera ...

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The Nuke Switch to Restart Firefox with All Add-ons Disabled

Disable all Addons and Restart Firefox

Seems like with Firefox 4, you have an option to restart the browser with all Add-ons disabled with just one click.  Many a times users complain that Firefox is not working as intended and the first step anybody should take is disabling all the add-ons and see if your browser is working nice. Next step is to enable them one ...

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Turn your iPad into a secondry wireless monitor | DisplayLink

Display Device Detection in Windows

If you ever wished to turn your monitor into an extended display i.e. Secondary Monitor so you can move some applications or windows from your primary to here, such as videos, DisplayLink for iPad is an excellent option. To use this you do not need any cable or USB wire, just works over WiFi and can be used as Primary ...

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Starter Guide for Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the best solution when it comes to seamless file sync between your computer and online storage, sharing files with your friends, transferring files between computer and so on.  I am writing this guide for users who never used a Dropbox account but if you have already used, there are a couple of points you will find ...

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GrooveDown Downlods Music from Grooveshark

Search and Download Music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is an online music community where you get to listen to songs and download it without worrying much about DMCA and legal stuff. The song which is yours stays yours even if you download it on your computer if you are not sharing or reselling it to anybody else. So now since you can download and use it anywhere ...

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Fix for making Facebook Send Button Work

Facebook Send

Facebook Send Button doesn’t work along with Like or Recommend button as said by developers and there are lot of people already complaining about it. Not sure if the problem is because it has not been rolled out for everybody or there is some problem because of the like itself but as of now if you have implemented Like and ...

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How to disable Switch to Tab in Firefox

Disabled Switch to Tab in FF 4

Switch to Tab, a new feature in Firefox 4 which saves your time by switching to already existing tab which matches the url you type in the address bar, instead of reloading the page again. Though this feature is very productive but sometimes people do not want to switch for example, I would  rather open the url once again and ...

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Delicious acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen

Delicious Aquistion Email

Delicious just sent out an email stating that it has been acquired by Founder of YouTube. The next very thing you are asked is moving your bookmarks which can be done by Yahoo Itself because if you dont, all those bookmarks will be lost forever. The difference in moving bookmarks this time is that Yahoo will save your bookmarks when the Delicious ...

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iPad 2 in India availble from 29th April 2011

Buy iPad 2 In India

Apple has made official announcement for iPad 2 for India. So if you are planning to buy get ready to get in line from Monday, April 29th 2011. The price list of iPad 2 is as follows  : 3G + WiFi Model : 16GB : 36.9K 32 Gb : 41.9K 64 Gb : 46.9K WiFi Only Model : 16GB – ...

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Watch your Webcam at home from anywhere

Turning your webcam  into a surveillance device so you can watch whats going on in your room or wherever the webcam is set, is an excellent thought specially if you can watch it from anywhere. Below is a list of such software and online utilities that help you do so. My Camera Link MyCameraLink is one such online utility which ...

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