Ditch Safari for these iPad Browsers

In this post I am listing down Browser apps for iPad which bring desktop like experience on iPad. Like some browser are very specific to search while some lets you draw and take snapshots. Most of them have multiple tabs and even WiFi Access to your downloads.

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Share Dropbox Files from Outlook

Xobni and Dropbox Integration

Xobni Addon for Outlook allows you to access all your Dropbox files and then email a shared link with anybody. The advantage is you don't have to open Dropbox in a browser. Also the shared files are moved to Public folder so any update is not reflected unless you need to.

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Droid Jump : Addictive Free games for Android

Very addictive free game for Android Droid Jump

If you are fond of simple games, and love playing such games on your Android while in your free time, here are two awesome games, damn addictive, Droid Jump and other one is an improved version of same, known as Extreme Droid Jump. Talking about what these two games are all about, you have to help the Droid (Android Mascot like avatar) to get higher and higher.

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ZBug brings one click compression for JS and CSS for any website

ZBug Javascript and CSS Compression Tool

ZBug is an online tool which compresses CSS and JS on your website which you can download in one click. The download includes Original, Compressed and GZipped version which you can compare before implementing on your website. However it lacks in giving any further information or a comparison of what is compressed.

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Find What YouTube Users Watch and Search

YouTube Insights for Audiences

Make use of YouTube Insight for Audiences and Comment Search to find what YouTube users are searching for. You also get to see list of popular videos watched by certain set of users which can be defined by Age, Country and Interest. Both these tools are from YouTube can be used for free.

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YouTube Partners get option to Schedule Video Publishing

Scheduled Publish Video in YouTube

YouTube till date did not allow any video to publish a video on scheduled time but this option is now open for YouTube Partners which I saw it today in my account. This means now I can schedule it in sync with any scheduled post for my website and I am very excited about it. Before this update the only ...

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