Free download a pack of 50 Amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers

Free Download50 Amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers Venice

Here is a pack of Cityscapes Wallpapers, as it says; this pack has an awesome collection of Cityscapes, the pack is a mixture of photography, paintings, and couple of digital art as well. It showcases almost all the popular cities across the world. Have a look at some of them – Liked them? Download the amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers

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Nokia to Launch 40 New Phones : Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon ?

According to HT, Nokia will launching 40 new models in 2011 of which 12 will be Smart phones. This has been told to HT by a Nokia Executive who is close to development. Now assuming this is going to happen, can we expect a Windows Phone 7 ? After the recent tie up between Nokia and Microsoft and promise to ...

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Planning to install a Pirated Android App? Get ready for embarrassment

Fake Android app to embarrass Pirates sends an SMS telling every contact in your phone book about your attempt to steal

If you are an Android user, and prefer using Pirated versions of Paid apps, beware!! Here is something which can embarrass you much. There is this popular paid app known as Walk and Text, which is a convenient way of texting while you are walking, this app actually turns on your camera, so that you can walk easily without taking ...

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List of Firefox Add-ons which slowdown the startup

Slow FF Addons

If Firefox start-up is slow for you its time to check if its because of your add-ons you have installed. Firefox has release list of add-ons which slowdown the experience by considerable amount, upto 74% and some of them even affect your browsing experience. Now I am guessing that soon Firefox will have a new feature rolling which will check ...

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Yahoo Mail gets a New Look : Neo ( Video Included )

Yahoo Mail Beta Neo

While checking my yahoo mail ( Yes I use it ) few seconds back, I was prompted to try the new version which definitely looks awesome.  The GUI is revamped a bit with new styles, colors and icons. Other Updates are : Adding Email id to your contact is faster now. You get a Plus sign for them Better Yahoo ...

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Trubleshooting the failed WP7 Update : WP7 Support Tool

Windows Phone Update Recovery

If the Windows Phone 7 Update is failing for you every time you tried,  Microsoft Support teams has released a Windows  Phone Support tool which will help you resolve some possible issues. As of now the tool helps you in resolving two issues : 800705B4: The timer ran out on what we were trying to do. 80180080: We couldn’t update ...

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Download Free Black Chrome Themes

Black Aero Theme for Chrome

If you use Chrome as your primary browser, its time to get some themes and styles for it.  In short Chrome themes change colors, apply background image, change tab colours,  icons used for closing and so on. One thing Chrome themes don’t do is change your browsing experience, the webpage colors are not changed at all. Below is the list ...

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iPad to get Virtual Desktop Like feature

Apple Virtual Desktop for iPad

I remember discussing features of iPad with few friends and concept of Virtual Desktop or multiple screen was an interesting idea and Apple has filed a patent for that, as Patently Apple Reports. Looking at it, the first impression Set of  Tiles having live preview of the apps running This should act more as another screen on top of other which can ...

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Sync Dropbox with Amazon Cloud Drive

Scheduling with Amazon Cloud Drive

Gladinet with their recent update now supports Amazon Cloud Drive, the cloud storage service which was recently announced with 5 GB of free space and no limitation on bandwidth. Now with so many cloud services it becomes difficult managing data at every place. So what you need is sync. As of now Gladinet do not support sync with Dropbox but ...

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Windows 8 to have inbuilt Sync to Web

Windows 8 Sync

It seems Microsoft will finally add Sync feature as one of the core features of Windows 8 which as a start should sync to Windows Live Account but I am hoping that Windows will have some kind of Add-on support which will help us to sync to Popular services like DropBox which will make more sense. Via Within Windows  

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