Get Windows 8 like User Tile in Windows 7 Taskbar

User Tile in Windows 7

Windows 8 is supposed to get a new feature in Taskbar which adds User Image right next to where your clock is. I am sure it will not be just an image but there will be more shortcuts or app integration will be there but we will need to wait till it comes out. Now if you do not want ...

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GeoPedia finds Wikipedia entry even for a street (iPad / iPhone App)

Geopedia app for iPad

If you are trying to find information of a certain place on Wikipedia, GeoPedia App for iPad and iPhone is a handy app which can find it for you. This application uses Google Maps for location search and Wikipedia as database with capacity of finding a Wikipedia entry even to a street level, if its available.  In simple language, it ...

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How to Create a Personalized Chrome Theme

Create Chome Themes

If you had always wished to have chrome theme of which colours, background image, tabs is of your own choice, like Windows Themes,  Chrome Theme creator lets you do exactly like that. This online tool takes all input of colours, background images, tabs colour, button colours etc and then packs and Install the theme immediately. You also get to see ...

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How to make iTunes adopt to your iPad / iPhone Apps Layout

iPad Apps Layout

One of the biggest problem with syncing apps with iTunes is that it doesn’t accept your layout of your iPad or iPhone by default.  When you click on Sync Apps it warns that it will remove all the apps from your iPad and sync what is there in iTunes.  This is completely opposite, as  most of the time you download ...

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Flip your Facebook homepage upside down

Flip your Facebook homepage upside down 1

Facebook is the online home for most of the internet users these days. If you too are there on Facebook, here is a something to have fun with your account. Have a look at the snapshot below – Though this can’t be called as turning your Facebook homepage upside down, but yeah, this is quite closer to it. This can ...

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Amazon Kindle availble in India ( Pricing )

Kindle Pricing in India

If you are looking forward to buy Amazon Kindle in India, has the stock ready.  The price for Amazon Kindle in India are set as : Kindle Wi-Fi 6″ (Graphite)  :  Rs. 8950.00 Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi 6″ (White and Graphite)  : Rs. 11,850.00 It includes one year warranty from the manufacturer, 7 Days return protection and 10 days shipping. Order ...

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How to fix shaky YouTube videos after uploading

Shaky Videos on youtube

When you record video using your mobile phone or handy cam where you don’t use a stand, it’s very obvious that the videos will be shaky even if you are in standing position.  So the annoyance come when you sit back and watch with family and share it with friends,  if the shakiness is more it’s a big time problem. ...

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Windows 8 to have built-in PDF Reader

Minimalistic design and Appx based Built-in PDF reader coming with Windows 7

We have been hearing about news related to upcoming Windows 8. Here is the news – Windows 8 will have a Built-in PDF Reader, named as Modern Reader, this is great news for sure. Having a PDF Reader of its own is probably a feature every Windows user has been dreaming for long. Paul Thurrott revealed this in his post ...

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Carnival Games coming to Kinect and Xbox 360

Carnival Kinect Racing

Its time to go Monkey !! Xbox Support team just tweeted about the brand new game, Carnival Games®: Monkey See, Monkey Do ™  for Kinect and XBox 360 and looking at the video it looks worth buying, specially for family entertainment. I really wish this game was up before and I could have add this to my Son’s Birthday Celebration ...

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Free download a pack of 50 Amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers

Free Download50 Amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers Venice

Here is a pack of Cityscapes Wallpapers, as it says; this pack has an awesome collection of Cityscapes, the pack is a mixture of photography, paintings, and couple of digital art as well. It showcases almost all the popular cities across the world. Have a look at some of them – Liked them? Download the amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers

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