Get your iPad ( One ) exchanged at Verizon’s Trade-in Program

Verizon Trade-in

If you are in US and have an iPad which you want to dump to buy a brand new iPad 2,Verizon’s Trade-in program now accepts Tablets also. This program basically will decide the value of your iPad one and give you Verizon Wireless gift card against that. In fact according to the news, they said a working tablet in good ...

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How to play any video format in DreamScene ( Windows )

Play any video in Dreamscene

DreamScene in Windows lets you use video files as your desktop background. This means you do not need a player to run a video and you can enjoy full movie on your desktop. You can learn how to enable this in Windows from this tutorial. Now the problem with DreamScene is that it does not support all video formats. It ...

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How Browsers Help us Troubleshooting Internet Connection

Browsers are one of the key tool to internet when you are on your desktop. They help you go anywhere and get almost anything. Today I was getting disconnected from internet a number of time and it was interesting to see what browsers tell us when they cannot connect to Internet. I see this very important, because if they can ...

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Google Page Speed tool now supports Mobile Version

Page Speed with Mobile Support

Google Webmaster Central relaunched the Page Speed tool, an easy to way find how fast your website loads.  The new feature is that now you can also test mobile version of your website. At the end you get suggestions on how you can speed up further. However when I checked our blog on PageSpeed most of the problem that showed ...

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How to add HP ePrinter to Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print Add HP EPrinter

HP just announced that all their ePrinters are now  Google Cloud Print ready, which means you can print from Google Cloud Print ready apps like Gmail to your ePrinter with one click. You don’t need a desktop nor you need to be at home. Do it from mobile or iPad and get the print ready even before you hit the ...

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Find When did Anybody Join Twitter

Twitter Account Number

If you are curious to find out who joined twitter first, you or your friend it can be found.  This online tool takes in any user account and returns the joining date. Now to verify this I needed another tool which came from tweet of marshallk who noticed this in Twitter for iOS, that the # right under your ...

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Flickr Adds Social Sharing Buttons

Flickr Adds Social Sharing Feature

Flickr with its recent announcement,  has now added social sharing buttons which makes it easy for anybody to share any image on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress and Yahoo Pulse. Interesting part is if you have a photo on Flickr which is open to all, it can be shared by any user even if they are not ...

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Change the flame colour of Bunsen Burner in Google Doodle

Google Doodle on Bunsen

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Robert Bunsen , the guy who gave us Bunsen burner we used in school days. What is very remarkable about the animated doodle this time is that the colour of flam changes based on where your mouse is on the Google Search Page. Fore example Yellow : Top Left right corner Blue : Top ...

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Android app to read world’s most popular full-content newspapers

Android app to read world's most popular full-content newspapers

If you are news freak, and have that habit of reading the newspaper, here is a nice app for your Android device which can help you to preserve this passion. PressReader is an Android app which can deliver you the World’s best newspaper on your device. Like The Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, International Herald Tribune, ...

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Why Google’s Plus One ( +1) doesn’t ring a bell for now

Plus 1 D Search Result

Google Launched a Facebook Like button,  +1, which in short will create recommendation for other users connected to your profile.  Danny Sullivan @ Search Engine Land has covered it in detail but as a summary +1 is a new button available for results shown in Google Search.  So if you like a search result,  you can click on +1d which will ...

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Filter images before you download from any website

Firefox Image Picker

Firefox Page Info feature makes downloading images in bulk from any website lot easy, you can even sort according to size or type. Now if you want to go ahead and want to filter according to particular range in size i.e. Image of particular size or between range with a minimum of Image size, you need the Image Picker Extension ...

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