List of Best News apps for Android seen so far [Mostly Free]

List of Best News apps for Android

The concept of accessing the news sources on the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and eBook readers is picking up at a very fast pace. There are several factors which are make this concept a hit, like the portability issue, now just to get updated on the news while traveling you no more need to carry that bundle of papers ...

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Multiple Countdown timer App for iPad – nTimer ( Free Today )

Multiple countdown timer for iPad

iPad doesnt have multiple alarm clock which is useful when you want to set up a series of alarm either to get up or get reminded about some work after sometime.  Though you can do it through Calendar events but that’s not very convenient when you do not want to mess up your calendar with you alarm schedule. nTime is ...

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Broken Windows Wallpaper pack looks awesome [Free Download]

Shattered Broken Windows Wallpaper

Keeping different types of wallpapers as your desktop background is something we all love to do, however the choices vary, some like to keep their wallpapers beautiful and smooth one, whereas some want them to be damn simple, also there are people who like some weird wallpapers. If you are the one who loves weird wallpapers, or if there resides ...

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Disable / Hide Facebook Questions [Browser add-ons and Scripts]

How to Disable or Hide Facebook Questions

We recently saw the Theater View for Photos on Facebook wasn’t very warmly welcomed, people kept on looking for ways to get rid of it ( manually or using Extensions ) , by resuming the same old style of viewing the photos, later Facebook recently launched the Questions feature, a feature which was probably an initiative to get the queries ...

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Visually analyze the SD Card with free file manager for Android

Free File manager for Android with Visual representations

The storage space is one of the biggest issues faced by people these days, if said, there could never be enough storage space, probably the statement is the universal one, and the scenario worsens if there resides a download junkie in you. We keep looking for more storage space, there could be several ways to do so, sometimes it is ...

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Amazing Windows 7 Themes ( Free Download ) Part 2

Windows 7 iPad Theme

This is the second part of our huge collection of Windows 7 Themes and this time most of the themes listed below can change the Start or the Orb Button for you. It uses a small program,  Windows 7 Start Button Changer which you will need to use once you have applied the theme. Also make sure you do read ...

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Why Nero Kwik Media can be your One Stop Home Media Organizer

Nero Kwik Media Organizer

Nero Kwik Media is the brand new media organizer from Nero which lets you organize Music, Video and Images on your desktop. What makes this stand out when compared to other similar software, are : Support for popular mobile devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad ( Import Only ) etc. The strong integration with Social Media Sites like Flickr, Facebook, YouTube ...

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Play around with Animals on Google Earth Day Doodle

Google Earth Day doodle

Google keeps showing us the doodles inspired by different occasions, and I think this is the best way to keep us educated about the occasions, as well as the reason behind the occasion, this definitely is a great initiative by Google. Well, in the same series, today’s Google doodle in inspired by the Earth Day. Here is a small video ...

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Remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger Chat Window

Before and After Removing Ads

Windows Live Messenger displays advertisement at two places. One is shown on the messenger itself and the second area is at the footer section of the chat window. Though I have almost gone blind to those advertisement but if that is something bothering you, you can at least get rid of the advertisement in your chat window. I have used ...

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What’s new in uTorrent 3.0

uTorrent 3.0 ( still in Beta ) is enabled with power pack features like Streaming Video and Audio. Confirm Exit on Critical Seeder which allows you to speed up your uTorrent download by choosing only quality torrents. User Ratings ( Pulse ) uTorrent DNA technology is into the core now. Better and secure remote control allowing you to manage all ...

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