Video Review : Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse: The Makeover

Microsoft Mouse Arc Touch

Just got tipped from a PR, that Microsoft infamous Mouse, Arc Touch has a new design now, you can flaten it to turn the mouse off and curve it back to turn on and start using it. Also it is 15 millimeters thick at the widest point and special sensitivity for scrolling i.e. Supports fast and slow scroll depending on your touch gestures. ...

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Video : How to Restart / Reset / Turn Off your Slow iPad

Reseting iPad

It so happened today on my iPad that any application I launched closed after a couple of seconds of running. It was happening with all iPad Games, Safari Browser and even the App Store. I had no idea what should I be doing as iPad doesn’t have a restart option somewhere in the iOS which I can use and what was strange ...

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Create instant HTML website by uploading a zip file

Instan Hosting

When it comes to creating a static website, even popular tools are not easy to handle for a novice user. Most of the users who build static website get their site build by web designers are html files which have some images, contact address, about page and at the max have a gallery of their product. As these kind of ...

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Improve on your Searching skills with a Google a Day Puzzle

Improve on your Searching skills with a Google a Day Puzzle

Are you good at searching, do you know how to use Google? Being able to search anything effectively so that you reach to an appropriate result while searching for something in your favorite search engine, is an art. You need to polish this regularly, and probably this is the reason Google has come up with a unique concept, a Trivia ...

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Watch IPL 2011 Officially on YouTube

IPL on YouTube

Google’s YouTube and Indiatimes has partnered together and will live telecast of full-length videos of IPL on YouTube. This is useful if you are away from TV specially at Work where you want to catch a view of couple of overs, you can get minute by minute update on this channel. Check out the Official YouTube Channel. And in case you have ...

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Download Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7

Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7

If you are big time fan of Angry Birds like me, playing it for hours on your Deskotp or Mobile, Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7 is available. If you are not aware, Angry Birds is a shooting game where eggs of some awesome birds get stolen by Pigs and the are out to get them back. Coming back to theme,  it ...

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Whats coming in IE 10 ? Grab the preview

CSS 3 Tweet Columns

Internet Explorer 9 did turn out to be one of the most stable and impressive browser compared to the previous version, specially IE 6 and 8  and if you had not enough of it, IE 10 Preview Platform 1 is here. This can be used by developers to test their addons or apps being developed for IE 10 or by ...

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A dead simple tool for recording Desktop Activity and Screencasts [Free]

A dead simple tool for recording Desktop Activity and Screencasts

Desktop Activity Recorder is a free application to record the desktop activities, or you can say it’s simply a tool to create screencasts on your Windows desktop. There are several options available for recording the screen both, online as well as offline tools. Desktop Activity Recorder is a good choice for creating screencasts, as it has a damn simple interface, ...

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How to let anybody upload files to your Dropbox folder

Jotform Web Form

Dropbox as of now like Flickr or Facebook has no option where you can send files or movies or images directly to your Dropbox folder using an email id.  This option can be very useful in many ways like holding competition,  integrating with contact forms or when doing a group photography. Jotform for Dropbox is one application which answer this ...

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How to email files to Dropbox

Send to Dropbox Settings

In many offices and IT companies,  you are not allowed to install applications because of security reasons so the only option to send files to Dropbox remains is using your mobile and that only if you have a Dropbox mobile application installed as there is no direct support to send files via emails. Send To Dropbox is a neat application ...

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Launch the Spacecraft from Google Doodle

Google Doodle for Space Launch

Today Google is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first Human Spaceflight and the animated doodle has a spacecraft which launches as soon as you mouse hover it.  Check the video here Sad part is that once you spacecraft is out of view, there is no way to get it back.You will need to reload the home page again to see ...

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