View and manage downloads from status bar in Firefox

View and manage downloads from status bar in Firefox

So, what do you do to view the status of an ongoing download while downloading a file using Firefox, the way is, have a look at the Download window, i.e. by using the key combination ‘Ctrl+J’. Here is a Firefox add-on named as Download Statusbar (compatible with newly launched Firefox 4), which allows you to have a look at the ...

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Transfer, Backup & Restore almost everything on your Android Phone

Transfer files, Backup and Restore almost everything on your Phone [Android]

Wondershare MobileGo is a free application, which can be used to perform transfer of files to your phone from PC and vice versa. It also can Backup contacts, SMS, Applications, etc. on your PC and later; you can Restore it to your phone from PC at any point of time. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful Phone ...

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Add to Home Screen : One tap launch to play Amazon MP3 on iOS

One Tap Launch Amazon MP3

Amazon Cloud Player doesn’t support playing songs on iOS device but you can download and listen them in Safari inbuilt player.  We know it’s not a solution but here is something better. This will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod. Select a Song and Tap on Download in Amazon Cloud Player The song starts downloading and then playing in Safari. ...

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How to listen songs from Amazon Cloud Player on iPad / iPhone / iPod

Play music from Cloud Player Amazon

Seems like Cloud Player, recently introduced to listen music from clouds, doesn’t work on Safari Browser in any of the iOS devices. Whatever be the issue if you want to listen to songs from Cloud Player on your iPad / iPhone / iPod, just download the file using the browser and you can still listen. This is not a solution ...

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File Sharing, Internet Tethering coming to PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge Guide

As Playbook gets ready to launch, more information of various features and unanswered questions are coming out. Berryreview posted an image which shows a screen, hopefully of Desktop Manager, listing many features of Playbook from RIM. Some of the catchy points are Blackberry Bridge File Sharing Internet Tethering File sharing should let you transfer files in and out of Playbook, ...

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Save your Amazon MP3 Purchases into Cloud Drive

Amazon MP3 Store Settings

This is another reason why you will love to use Amazon Cloud Drive Service. Till now any music you bought from Amazon was required to be downloaded on your local computer which also means that you need to back up and take care of all purchases on your own. But now, with Cloud Drive you can save all your music ...

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Listen music from the clouds with Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon has finally come out with a personal backup solution with their new service, Cloud Drive which stores documents, videos and music right on the cloud with you worrying much about loosing it, nor carrying it on your mobile.  Along with Cloud Drive there are two more things,  Amazon Cloud Player for Web and an app specifically for Android. There ...

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PayPal doesn’t allow Payments between Indian Accounts via Credit Card

PayPal blocks payment made to Indian Account via CC

After RBI started tightening rope over PayPal to get clear details on how payments and foreign money was getting in and out of India, Soumen found another ban or restrictions particularly restricted for Indian Accounts. In one line if you plan to make payments from one Indian PayPal Account to another Indian PayPal account via credit card, the system does ...

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Free Multi-Client Instant Messenger app for Android – imo beta

Free Multi-Client Instant Messenger app for Android – imo beta in action

imo beta is a Free app for Android devices, which actually is a Multi-client Instant Messenger. Using imo beta, you can login to your Facebook, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AOL/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, and MySpace, and enjoy the Instant Messaging right from single app. imo beta has incredibly simple interface, all that is required is, the client on your Android device, ...

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How to Disable / Hide Facebook Questions

Remove Facebook Questions

Facebook clearly says that there is no way to turn off the Question Feature but if you see your Facebook updates full of questions there are ways you can control them to make your timeline clean and set your email notifications to zero follow some simple steps. Hide Facebook Questions : As of now, there is a chrome extensions which ...

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Wireless transfer photos / videos from iPad / iPhone to PC / Mac

Media Transfer iPad FTP Settings

Getting your photos and albums saved on your iPad or iPhone to your computer without connecting the  boring USB cable sounds very exciting and this is exactly Media Transfer app for iOS is doing it for you. This application transfers videos and photos from iPad / iPhone over WiFi to your computer automatically or with just one tap. Being smart ...

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How to turn off Facebook Question Notifications

Facebook Question Answer Settings

After Facebook recently launched Question feature,  receiving 3-4 emails every day from friends asking questions has become common. What becomes annoying is when you get email after email on a question asked by someone else. Good thing is Facebook Notification Settings allows you to almost turn of question feature by choosing the notifications.  I really wish there was one click torn off ...

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