How to Stop Programs from Adding themselves to Windows Startup

Stop Programs Windows Startup

I am sure you have noticed that the more software you install, Windows boot becomes slower. These programs which you install are the reason. They register themselves to start when the computer starts, and open in backgrounds as soon as you log in to your computer. In this post, we will share how you can stop programs from adding themselves ...

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Configure and Manage Windows Startup with Autoruns in Windows 10

Configure Windows Startup

One of the major problems faced in windows is the time it takes to load. Have you ever thought why your Windows is loading slow even though you have a good amount of memory and processor? I have heard people saying that Windows keeps on getting slow as they install several programs, and they have no idea about it. In ...

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Auto Shutdown, Sleep or Hibernate Computer when Overheated

shutdown computer overheated

Many of us sometimes face a problem where our computer shuts down all of a sudden, and you cannot figure out the cause. CPU overheating is one of the issues that can cause it. I did face it a few months back and had to replace the heat sink. In this post, I will show you can take preemptive measures ...

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How to Import Gmail Messages into Outlook.Com Account

import gmail messages outlook

Many like to use as their primary email id. If thats you, but you have a lot of conversation in Gmail account, then in this post, we will share how to import all the Gmail messages into account. How to Import Gmail Messages in to Account You can export all the email from Gmail into using ...

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Problems and Preventions when working on the computer for too long

Problems Preventions Working Computer Long

Working on the computer is something which has become unavoidable these days, most of us here, use computers for more than 12 hours a day, or even more than that. Researches have proved that several disorders are the outcome of long working sessions, inappropriate postures, lack of timely breaks, etc. Here is the list of problems, and preventions if you ...

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Review of Comparium

Review Comparium

Comparium is found to be the end-to-end solution provider for the developers looking to establish their websites with better responsive. In a way, this website proved to be effective in many ways; one such way has been the screenshot web testing. If you are one of the developers and website owners who are struggling to find a better software or ...

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How to quickly change monitor resolution with Keyboard Shortcut

change monitor resolution Keyboard Shortcut

Changing the resolution of the monitor usually takes 3-4 steps. You need to open Display Settings, and then select the solution, preview and then apply for it. Instead, if you want to change monitor resolution quickly, here is two free software you can try which works with Keyboard shortcut. How to quickly change monitor resolution with Keyboard Shortcut While most ...

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How to enable or disable the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Outlook

Forgotten Attachment Reminder Outlook

Its pretty common to forget attachments while sending emails. It gets even more embarrassing when you boss replies, asking to send the attachment kindly. In this post, I will share how you can enable or disable the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Outlook. How to enable or disable the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Outlook A couple of years ago, Office Labs ...

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Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook window

Microsoft Repair Office

Today morning when I tried launching Microsoft Office 2010, I was greeted by this message – Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. It was a bit of an issue as I am a heavy user of Outlook for checking all my mails. In this post, I will show how you can resolve this problem. Cannot start Microsoft ...

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Instantly Backup and Restore Office Outlook settings

Backup Restore Office Outlook settings

Once I had a problem with my office computer, and IT admin had to do a complete re-installation. The most I was considered was about Outlook. I had a lot of email rules, server settings, etc. which takes a lot of time to configure. I had no worries about my mail because I already had located them to different drives, ...

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List of Tools to Automatic Backup Outlook PST and OST Files

List of Tools to Automatic Backup Outlook PST and OST Files

For a heavy Outlook User, Backing up the data, i.e., PST file or the OST file every day is mandatory. It is crucial when you are using  POP instead of IMAP, which many corporate. Emails from those serves once downloaded are removed from the server, until specified or configured to keep it there forever. In this post, we will share ...

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