Translated Foreign Pages in Google Search Result

TFP in Google Search

Google Search has this one not so popular tool,  Translated Foreign Pages, which lets you find search result in one or many specific language compiled at one place. This is essentially, Google Translated Engine integrated within the search result. What Google Search Engine is doing here is picking up a page say, which is in English and the using Google ...

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Transfer Blog from to Self hosted WordPress Blog in 99$

Export Import WordPress Blog

If you have a blog at, you know very much how many restrictions are there such as you cannot monetize your blog as you aren’t allowed to install JavaScript, cannot install any plugin of your choice, you need to pay extra for editing themes style sheet, less control on how you manage your server and so on. While moving ...

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No iMovie doesn’t get installed on iPad 1 ( Original iPad )

iMovie on iPad One

As iMovie, the movie editing app for iPad 2, makes use of front facing camera it is not allowed to be installed on iPad 1. This is restriction from apple you will get the same error message when you try to purchase it from App Store from iPad.  However Download Squad, 9to5Mac and few more has got it working but  ...

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How to disable In-App purchases in your iPad / iPhone

Starting from iOS 4.3 when you make your first in-app purchase it will ask you for a password and any further purchase for next 15 minutes will not require you to enter password any more. So the only way to make sure your kid is not taking advantage of the 15 minutes frame is that you need to sign out ...

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Quickly upload screenshot, text, file from Windows Clipboard

ZUploader Apps

If you have copied anything using Windows Control + C,  moving it to a online services which can host images, simple text or files is minutes job for ZUploader which is simple but very powerful application.It is smart enough to understand what you have in your windows clipboard i.e. a file or an image or just simple text and when ...

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Google Voice comes to India

Google Voice Greetings

Looks like Google Voice is activated for India or at least for my account. I came to know about it as soon as I logged into my Gmail Account and was greeted by notification which said “Make Free Calls through 2011” which is absolutely free for US and Canada this year.  Though doubtful I tried making a call to a ...

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How to setup Home Sharing feature of iOS 4.3 on iPad, iPhone and iPod

iPod Album Selection

Apple with iOS 4.3 introduced Home Sharing feature with ability of sharing music, movies, photos and any other media  from your computer to your iPad, iPhone and iPod. This straight away means anybody at your home with an iDevice now can watch the movie in your iTunes without syncing.  This feature was before available through the remote app of Apple. ...

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Auto tag your Facebook friends in all the photos

Manav Mishra Tagged

I remember after new year tweet-up in Kolkata, Kuntal has loads of pictures and he called up on all of us asking to tag whoever we know which was a heavy work. The problem with tagging is you need to repeat it with every picture after you have finished uploading the album. In short Facebook doesn’t have a face recognition ...

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Foodily : Search Food recipes without ingredients you dont want

Foodly Search Result

Search for Food recipes is something which my wife does often these days and being a vegetarian recipes which doesn’t have certain ingredients like Fish, meat and any other item to which one is allergic is a huge task. Searching around I came around an impressive recipe search engine, Foodily, which solves the problem. The basic search allows you to ...

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Free Download Surfing Theme for Windows 7

Sunset Surfing theme for windows

Microsoft has released yet another Sports Theme for Window 7 and this time its surfing the waves on the mighty ocean. This theme has  brilliant high definition wallpaper along with sound scheme will take you to the sea shores, sea birds and the cool waves. You will get to hear one as soon as you install the theme, just loved ...

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Blocking website in Google Search is Official Now

Block Website in Google Result

Two weeks back, just around the farmer update, Google released an extension which was able to filter websites from the search you make on Google Search Engine. Now this has become official with Google Rolling out this feature as part of the search strategy. Now for every result that is given to you from Google will have an additional link ...

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