Cheat Sheet finds you all Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Cheat Sheet Game List

If you have tried hard to find all the golden eggs in the Angry Bird game, Cheat Sheet is here to recuse. It does not tell you how to use a cheat code to get the egg but tells you where it is and how you can get it. They even have a complete video tutorial on getting all the ...

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Free Android app gives Local News, Deals, Weather and more [India only]

Free Android app to keep you updated about everything in India

Here is an awesome Android app, a must-have, especially if you are in India. This app named as “TaazzaGO for India” is actually an application which keeps you updated on Local News, any special Deals, the weather and information about places like Restaurants, Pubs, etc. along with the exact location and contact information, etc. Simply download this app on your ...

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Take snapshot of parts of PDF documents in iPad

PDF Snaphsot Save to Photos

It may so happen that you might not want to share a complete pdf document with someone but only a part of it.  If you are on a desktop taking a screenshot is an easy job but when you are on the move with iPad its difficult. Yes you can take screen shot and then edit with some image editor ...

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Free tool to Merge and Split PDF files online

Free online tool to Merge two PDF files in one

Merging multiple PDF files in one, and splitting a PDF files in multiple PDF files (based upon various splitting parameters) is often required while dealing with PDF files. There are several tools which allow you to deal effectively with PDF files. Here is a set of two online tools, named as iPDF2Merge and iPDF2Split. User interface for both the tools ...

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Block Facebook Theater Box forever (Browser extensions)

How to Disable Theater Box while viewing Photos on Facebook

The day Facebook launched the Theater Box feature for viewing photos, since then people are looking for ways to get rid of it. Looks like this feature failed to impress Facebook users. Ashish too talked about this in his recent post. There are some ways to deal with this, these ways can be termed as manual ones, and you can ...

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Change Mouse click actions for specific programs ( Microsoft Mouse )

Precision Booster Assiggnment

Many a times when using certain applications we feel if the default mouse actions i.e. Left Click, Right Click ,  Middle Scroll can be changed to some common actions of the application itself. For example if need to copy paste a lot in application you would like to change the middle button to do paste when you click it. If ...

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Quickly run slideshow of Wallpapers in any Windows 7 Theme

Preview of Wallpapers

Wallpapers being one of the key attractions, it is likely that you would like to see  a preview on how it looks on your desktop once you have applied or may be even before it. Below  I have demoed how you can quickly run a sideshow once you have applied it. You can do that even without applying ( use ...

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Best way to add, copy and delete wallpapers from Windows 7 Themes

Managing Windows 7 Wallpapers

Many Windows 7 Themes become a perfect choice when you consider the overall sound scheme, colour combination, screen saver, wallpaper etc.  However if you want to just change the set of wallpaper i.e. remove wallpapers of the existing theme or add your wallpapers to the current wallpaper of theme, below is the quickest way which is like one click solution. ...

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