How to instantly create a Free Android app for your Blog/Website

how to instantly create a Free Android app for your Blog or Website

The thought of having a dedicated Android app to access your website or blog itself is pretty mesmerizing, isn’t it? An Android app which makes your website or blog available to your readers in just one touch is a great idea, and guess what this can be done damn easily. For example, you can download the app named as TSNW, ...

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Do you switch work place a lot ? Quick Config can help you

Quick Config Settings

Availability of Internet has made it possible for people carrying laptop to work from any where they want, Coffee Shops, Airport, Home, Office and it’s absolutely seamless. Sometimes back we talked about NetSetMan, which aids in this process by changing IP configuration when you switch network. Now what if you want to change few things more, say the default mail ...

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Increase your Windows clipboard history size with xNeat

xNeat Clipboard Manager

Windows replaces copied item by the next item you copy which means you can just have one item in your clipboard. Now if you just want to increase that count and not a complex Clipboard Manager, xNeat is a great application. This application increases the count I have tried to any number you want and all you need to is ...

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Want to cook something quick and with less calories ? Try Google Recipes

Google Recipes Search

If your family members are food fanatic like me and want to east something new everyday but no compromise on calories, Google Recipes are here which helps you find food recipes according to time taken for cooking and calories they have. Mom and Wife’s are going to live this. Go to, if you get redirected to your country domain, ...

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Why I love the Bing (Tool)Bar

Email Alert on Bing Toolbar

Microsoft released a new toolbar few days ago and as usual my first impression like for any other toolbar was, another crappy thing which will disrupt my experience with IE 9 this time. But I was wrong  and here is why I love using it now : Absolutely Non intrusive : When I say non intrusive it doesn’t mean that ...

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How to disable the WordPress Admin Bar

WordPress Admin Bar for Websites

WordPress 3.1 has a brilliant Admin Bar which is displayed on top of  your blog even when you are out of WordPress Admin Section. This is useful for quick access to many things, Short Link is one such example but many users feel this is an extra header on top. So here is how you can remove the WordPress Admin ...

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WordPress 3.1 is missing the Embedded video button

Missing Embedded Video

If you are not able to find the Video Embed Button after upgrading to WordPress 3.1, you are not alone. It seems because of some tinymce config issue it is not displaying the Add Video Button. I tried in IE 9, Firefox and Chrome, its missing in all of them and people have raised an issue already in the WordPress ...

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Download Risk BoardGame for iPad and here is why

Risk game for iPad

Risk is one the most famous strategic boardgames which I used to play as a kid and now its available for iPad also.It is priced for 0.99 USD today against the standard price of 6.99 USD. For those who are new to this game, This game is war game where you start with owning few countries on the world map ...

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Should you install Windows 7 SP1

Windows Update

We got an email from one of reader asking if he should install Windows 7 SP1 which came out recently. In one word, YES. I did installed it on my computers,one from MSDN and other using Windows Update and it was smooth and I do not see any issue with performance on 64 and 32 bit system. There are two ...

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View your Facebook Fan Page as you see your profile

The Facebook Fan Page caries lot of importance to many of the websites and companies, however it was limited because of the way it was designed. Sometimes back Facebook did bring a major change which makes this Page more useful specially for users who maintain a Facebook Fan Page. Now you can actually view it like your view your profile ...

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