Age of Wind : Become a Pirate and fight Ships

Age of Winds War

Age of Wind is an iPad game which can bring out your Pirate Passion and missing adventure to sea alive. This game starts with a small ship which you take into the sea and fight other ships using your canon and exactly the way ships used to fight in old days. Remember there is modern ship but old big powerful ...

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How to disable Facebook Album Theater View / Slideshow

Facebook recently introduced Theater View for Photo Albums which lets user visualize photos in form of  slideshow and removes all  distractions on the page and let user enjoy the pictures only. Many of use like it and many of us feel this is unnecessary. So for all who fall in second part just hit CTRL + F5 i.e. Refresh your ...

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Baby Mobile for Kids

At Infocom the second best gadget after Nokia E7 was Baby Mobile, a brand new concept mobile by C2K Communications which helps you kid calling you back with just one touch button and it includes location tracking using GPS so you know where your kid is at.The price is estimated within 4000 INR. Feature list : Children Positioning Inquiry : ...

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Video : Nokia E7 Hands on Review

Nokia E7 Review

At Infocom in Kolkata we had chance to get hands on review of Nokia E7 which will launch soon. Nokia E7 price in India is 30 thousand  as told by the Nokia Guy at the booth. Overall Nokia E7 is pretty good and very handy though it looks bulky when you see it ( 4 inch screen with ClearBlack AMOLED ...

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iPad Alarm clock which can make you do maths every morning

iClock HD

Alarm Clock is another missing feature in iPad unless you had used Calendar to remind you to get up everyday morning. Even with that its cannot do things the real alarm clock does. Looking around in App Store, I found iClock HD which is really a nice Alarm clock for iPad. Features of iClock HD High Definition Display. Create Multiple ...

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Free Software to change Windows Logon Screen

Clear Lock

Windows by default doesn’t allow you to change the Windows Logon Screen i.e. The screen which asks for a password for your account ( if it is enabled ) or when you have more than one account on your computer. However customizing this is another passion for us here like we use themes for Windows 7.  Today I have picked ...

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All in One Tray helps you managing lot of open windows

Send to Tray

Even though Windows 7 comes with grouping of open windows there are users who always have a lot of open windows even if it is not by choice. This leads to problem of clarity and ultimately you run out of space on your taskbar. All in One Tray is a simple utility which solves this problem by acting as a ...

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Turn your computer ON from iPad / iPhone

The best experience to turn on a device is without touching it, such as I can turn on my Xbox using the controller if it is just connected to power. Same way if you want to turn on your computer remotely, iPad / iPhone lovers are lucky that there is an app for this. The App is named as Wake ...

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Download Free Windows 7 Green Themes

Clearscreen Green Theme Windows 7

Love Green and want to go green on your Windows 7 Desktop ? Here is handpicked collection of Windows 7 Themes which will make your desktop super green. Clearscreen Sharp Theme for Windows 7 The best green theme we have found. The icons are very clear and the colour scheme chosen doesn’t hurt the eyes. A must download. Windows 7 ...

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How to find number of posts by an Author per Year in WordPress

Post Filter in WordPress

If you have a multiple author blog using WordPress it is important to find out how many posts your authors are writing and whats the frequency every month.  WordPress Post List does not have this feature except you can sort it by Month in particular year. However looking at the parameters I was able to find a neat trick which ...

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