Stylish Honeycomb like Analog Clock Widget for Android

Free Honeycomb like stylish clock widget for Android

Here is a cool widget, an analog clock widget for Android Phones and devices, which looks almost like the clock widget seen on Honeycomb (a.k.a. Android 3). Simply install this free app, named as Honeycomp, and then go to your Android home screen and later, go for adding a new widget and place it anywhere you want. Here is a ...

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Robokill ( iPad ) Survival Mode Video Review

Change Robokill Joystick Location

Robokill for iPad got an update yesterday with 3 major features, Game Center integration, option to change Joystick location and Survival Mode. Survival Mode : The very idea of the survival mode is to play continuously and live as long as you can. It’s very addictive. Below is a video review of how it looks like and then my feedback. ...

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Temporarily prevent your Windows machine from going to sleep

Insomnia for Windows

Windows by default has power configuration set to make your computer sleep so it can save power but many a times you don’t want your machine to go to sleep and reasons can be many. Either you are downloading or compiling some code or  burning music and went for a coffee but when you come back, your computer went to ...

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Download Free XBox Game Themes

Gears of War

Below is a list of XBox Themes which are free and you can download it for  XBox 360. You don’t have to use your Microsoft Xbox live points to buy them, specially the Black Ops theme, It’s  awesome. Either you can start the download of these theme from your XBox Market Place or from XBox live web page once you ...

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How to enable Guest Network in your router

Guest Network in Routers

It becomes awkward when you have to share your Internet with your guests and to configure that you have to either tell them the password of your WiFi connection or you have to configure for them.  Even if the password is not an issue, many guests do sneak around with the files which you have shared with your family computers. ...

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Get notified when a place physically changes on Google Maps

Eden Garden Change Notification

If you been tracking places on earth for any physical changes, like construction of building or if the lake is getting dried up using Google Maps, Follow Your World App can let know you when it actually changes. Yes now you need not to spend time checking every few hours a day to find it. With Follow Your World App ...

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Detailed Comparison of Windows Phone 7 Handsets

windows phone 7 comparison

Which Windows Phone 7 is better ? If that’s the question in your mind, indy8 has an excellent visual diagram comparing 10 Windows Phone 7 devices according to Width, Height, Rom/ Ram, Camera, Thickness, Battery Life, Screen Size. The Windows Phone 7 in list of cpomaprison are : Dell Venue Pro HTC HD 7 HTC 7 Mozart HTC 7 Pro ...

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Periodic Table of Google’s APIs and Products

Google Product API Periodic Table

Thanks to RJ, if you want to learn all the Google Products and Its API, related to Mobile, Search, Gadgets, Data API’s, Social, Advertisement, Geo based,Tools, Chrome and other miscellanea products you can do it just in one page. This table is like the Periodic Table and links directly to the products website. You should bookmark it. You can hover ...

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Find memory usage details of any application with VM Map

Virtual Memory Map

If you are developing an application or already have and want to find how it is consuming memory on a windows machine, SysInternal Virtual Memory Map is an excellent tool. This application displays the amount of memory consumed by the app according to type i.e. Heap, Shareable, Stack, Private Data, Page Table and so on. For each of this tables, ...

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How to change XBox Setup Key for Windows Media Center

Extendor Setup

XBox can be connected with a Windows Computer using Windows Media Center. This requires an 8 Digit secure key using which Windows Media Center adds the XBox 360 console as extender and lets you play movies, videos and images on your TV. So anybody who knows this key can add your XBox as one of its extender for example lets ...

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Smart Power keeps your computer on when your network devices are

Smart Power Options

It has happened many a times with me that my computer goes to standby when I am playing game on my XBox and this disconnects me from the internet as the login to my ISP is controlled on my windows machine. If you are in similar situation, Smart Power is an excellent solution. Smart Power software can be used to ...

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