How to Pair Android Phone with Nokia JBL Speakers / Play 360

NFC even though underused holds lot of potential which can be used for various purpose right from money transfer to file transfer. In fact NFC was successfully tested at MWC on mass level.  When it comes to consumer level, NFC is useful in two major places, File transfer and Entertainment.

So I happened to have this JBL Flip Portable Speakers from Nokia which lets you stream music on your phone to the speakers. It uses NFC + Bluetooth in combination. The speakers are pretty nice both at convenience and audio quality but I found it difficult to connect it with any other device apart from Windows Phone.

I have a Nexus 7 and Nexus S with me. They both have NFC but nothing happens when I tap them on the speaker. The best that has happened is the speaker gets turned on, nothing after that.

The only reason for this can be that they are wired differently internally. Not sure because for me even file transfer via NFC doesn’t work between cross devices.

Android Apps to connect with Nokia Play 360 / JBL Speakers

When searching in the Android Playstore, I found two of these apps which promises to connect with Nokia Play360 Connector and JBL Easy Connect. They configure everything automatically which turns them into One Touch Tap and Play App.

These apps lets you choose an application that will be launched when you tap with a NFC device which here will be either Play 360 or the JBL speakers.

Steps to connect with the speakers:

  • Download Nokia Play 360 Connector from here or JBL  Easy Connect  App from here. Bright chances are that first appwill work or you on any of these speakers.
  • Once installed, launch it. Here first you need to enable it and then choose an app from the list. You should choose the Music App.
  • First start playing a song on your phone. Now switch to the Play 360 App and then tap with the speakers.
  • Three things will happen here.
  • First you will get a popup asking for permission to pair.
  • It will open a donate page in browser which points to Paypal.
  • Then you will see notification that the app is connecting with the speaker and music streaming will start.

Android Connect with JBL Speakers

Video Demo:

Below is a short video as proof that this works. My pairing was already done so when you actually turn on the speaker, it automatically pairs and If you are playing music on your phone, it will be streamed to the speaker. I have used video for demo.

Editors Note:

  1. It took me at least 3-4 attempts to make this work.
  2. You can even try the pushing the Bluetooth button to make it look for the phone and then tap.
  3. The speaker has to be turned on for this work. It never worked for me with speaker turned off. However, with the Lumia device, the speakers can be activated even when it is turned off.
  4. You can use the app to stream anything which is audio. As an example you can stream a video to speaker.

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