Password Protect Bookmarks in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

When it comes to hiding what we are browsing and what we search around the web, Incognito mode is what is used by everyone but even then bookmarking them and keeping them safe from others is challenging. Though the best ways are saving it to a bookmarking service or sending yourself an email but they all are time-consuming.

What if you want to have a secure bookmarks section when using incognito mode which is locally saved on your computer. A solution so simple that it just works when you want and get rid of it when you don’t.

If you are using Chrome, here is an elegant solution for you to try. Hush — it’s an extension for chrome which can create secure bookmarks for you and password protect them so nobody else can peek into it.

Secret bookmarking hush chrome

Built smartly, the extension stores bookmarks around password. So you can save set of webpages with password XXXX into one category and YYYY as another. So next time you want to view those bookmarks, all you need is password.

How to use it?

Once you install the extension. make sure you enable the option so it works in Incognito mode. Done that, next time you are in the private mode and you load up a webpage, it will display a lock icon right at the end of address bar. Smart thing is that it does not show up unless you are on a webpage. Next you need to enter password and save it.

Can you create bookmarks manually?

Yes, once you enter the password, there is an option to edit the existing bookmarks and add new one.

I am switching computers, can I carry them along?

Yup. Not only are your bookmarks secure but you can export them and import them into another PC, after installing the extension. Just make sure you remember your passwords when you are about to open it.

Chrome Bookmarks in Incognito Modes

Can I access all my bookmarks in one place?

Nope, but you can open them in separate tabs and refer them.


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