Password protect executables and programs with Empathy [ Postcardware ]

If you have executable files and program which you would like to be accessed just by you , Empathy is a good solution which wraps up the porgam with your own password. Juts select the file , give the password and you are done. And yes it does backup the original exe file just in case you also forget the password.

Empathy : Lock your important executables and Programs
Empathy : Lock your important executables and Programs

However What made me write about this is , the software is free but postcardware i.e. You need to send this guy a post card ( not electronic ) at his address and he will send you the code which will allow you to use empathy with complete functionality.

Intresting!!! No Money all free but needs a postcard. I wonder if he is reading this may be can share in comments what was his idea of making this a postcardware. Download Empathy


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