Pause and Resume while copying files : RichCopy

How many times you had started copying but wanted to pause it for a while ? Well even if we wished the option to pause a file copy is not available in Windows and many other tools I have seen till now but wait, Rich Copy has this feature!!! Awesome!!

RichCopy is a free, multi threaded, light weight file copy tool which allows you to pause and resume from where it was paused.  The interface is simple and you can get started in seconds.


‘Option’ allow you to set certain preferences, like the copying method (Purge, Move, Verify etc.), Copying mode, Thread number, Copying conditions etc. This helps you in optimizing the copy process in case you would like this tool to consume less of memory.


Why RichCopy ?

  • RichCopy doesn’t copy serially, it opens multiple threads, i.e. instead of copying files one by one, multiple copy processes are initiated, to perform parallel copying process, and this makes RichCopy very fast.
  • Options to pause and resume the copying process are also there.
  • Several controls while copying, like filtering, conditional copying etc.
  • It needs a less than 6Mbs download of executable self extractor i.e. Light Weight.

I tried RichCopy, and it is fast for sure, though I haven’t tried all the options, but the conditional copying works like a charm, will soon be exploring more of it. Do try it, and share your experiences with us via comments.   Download RichCopy



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