Convert any webpage to PDF using a bookmarklet

We have been posting about several free PDF tools, this time it is a bookmarklet which can convert any webpage to PDF.

PdfMyURL is an online tool which asks you to enter the URL of a webpage to get the PDF version of the same.

As shown above you can either access the PdfMyURL page, enter the URL and later download the PDF file, or you can use the bookmarklet, simply drag and drop it to bookmarks toolbar, and when you are on a page for which you need the PDF file, simply hit the bookmarklet, and soon it will make the PDF file for the webpage ready to download.

This definitely is a nice tool for converting useful articles to PDF, and save them on in order to read it later or to save them for future reference.

Try PdfMyURL

Want to convert any printable file to PDF? Visit here.


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