PDroid lets you block App access to IMEI, Phone No, IMSI, Mailbox No etc on Android

Many a times Android Apps need access to lot of personal data like IMEI, Phone Number, Voice Mail Number, SIM ID etc even if it is not required.  Though most of the apps are secure but recent issue if CIQ caused lot of issue over Android Phones security and if you are worried about it too, [email protected] forum has created a patch for Rooted Android Phones using ClockworkMod Recovery or newer. Infact for device ID, phone and mailbox number, SIM serial, subscriber ID and device location you can send false values to these apps.

PDroid Privacy Options

Features :

  • Its per app basis i.e. You can specify which app can access what.
  • On a new installation you will be notified about what kind of access the newly installed app is asking for.
  • Get notified when any app accesses private data.
  • Get notified about the patch update.
  • It caches the application list so loading is fast.
Works on  HTC Desire HD, Inspire 4G, Desire Z, Desire S, Incredible S, Incredible 2, myTouch 4G, Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy S2 having Android 2.2+.
However it does not work with ICS yet and Titanium Backup cannot make backup of the privacy settings of this app. You can however manually do a backup if you do a reset of the settings.

Using PDroid you can block :

  • Device ID (IMEI/MEID/ESN)
  • Subscriber ID (IMSI)
  • SIM serial (ICCID)
  • Phone and mailbox number
  • Incoming call number
  • Outgoing call number
  • GPS location
  • Network location
  • List of accounts (including your google e-mail address)
  • Account auth tokens
  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • Calendar
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Browser bookmarks and history
  • System logs
  • SIM info (operator, country)
  • Network info (operator, country)

Since the app has very low memory foot print and with zero Battery Drain and no background work required you can very well us it without worrying of issues.

Installing this solution :

It comes with a combination of patch and App. You will need to apply the patch first and then use the app to use it.  You will have to go into recovery mode and use CWM to apply patch.

Download patch with details from here and the app from Android Market 

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