The Perfect Printing Solution for Your Business

The humble office printer is one of the most underrated pieces of technology in any professional setup. The advantage of an all in one robust & reliable workhorse printer that will save on time, provide quality prints & conserve resources cannot be undermined in any way. When it comes to choosing the perfect printer for your office, a few simple things scans help make the right choice. Amongst the dizzying array lies the one product that suits your needs to the T and maybe a perfect match for most needs. With technology evolving at lightning-fast speeds, it is always a decision that challenges even the most acquainted.

It is essential to understand your printing needs to arrive at the best purchase for you. Apart from being fast, easy to manage and setup, scan color images, fax, etc. the solution you look at should also make sense as a long term investment.

With high tech inkjet printing available at a significantly lower cost, thankfully, the decision is a bit easier. It has come a long way in the last 20 years. What was once extremely expensive, the low quality, loud and slow printer is now quite the opposite of some new products.

Once you answer the general questions, you can delve into more detailed specs and decide what you need. Here are some features to consider.

  • Print Quality– Lasting color prints for business reputation
  • Speed – How many pages per minute can the printer print? Speed is crucial if you are in an office that prints high volumes daily.
  • Wireless Capability – This is a printer’s ability to connect to your home or business network without the requirement of printer cables, Ethernet cables, or USB cables
  • Reliability & robustness– You don’t want a printer that can’t handle massive volume printing and breaks down now and then.
  • Features– Today’s day and age one needs to multitask, and the need for features like Print, scan, copy, fax, digital sending has become vital.

HP Officejet Pro printers save time with speeds that can rival laser –many are even the fastest in their class – and improve office efficiency with features like mobile printing and remote management. One product that stands out in the segment is the OfficeJet Pro X576dw. It has reinvented the inkjet printer for a business that helps you print faster and work smarter. It is the world’s fastest desktop printer^.

A quick look at what makes it the ideal choice

It is the Fastest Printer you can get for your office

The secret to the Officejet Pro X Series record-breaking speed 70 ppm (draft A4) and professional quality is HP PageWide Technology – a stationary print bar that spans the width of a page and prints entire documents in a single pass. The print head keeps printing with better accuracy and also reducing the movement of the internals, thus significantly reducing the wear and tear using the HP Page Wide technology. Lesser user intervention with a 50-page double-sided automatic document feeder makes it easier to print without frequent checks.

Professional-quality prints at up to twice the speed of color Laser1. The combination of HP’s revolutionary ink, energy, and printing technologies enable you to print high-impact professional documents for up to half the cost of a color laser2.

It Saves 50% energy compared to existing printers:

The OfficeJet Pro X series has a high energy rating, which indicates that it will consume a lot less power to operate; about 50% less energy than color lasers# and reduces paper use by up to 50% with automatic two-sided printing.

HP Officejet Pro X576dw MFP (12)[1][1]

Quality Ink that lasts long and looks professional

It’s common for people to write and highlight text on a printed paper for better references. So, for example, if you are preparing for a group discussion/presentation and the prints become unreadable by the time you need it, it does not serve the purpose.

HP made sure you don’t encounter this with the HP Officejet Pro X576dw MFP. New ink technology printing with specially formulated Pigment inks deliver high-quality prints that resist fading, water and highlighter-pen smearing & retain the print quality up to decades.

Add color to your business documents, get stunning color prints with HP Pigment inks which help deliver high-quality prints that resist fading, water and highlighter-pen smearing and can retain the print quality up to decades. Easily print marketing materials in the house and give your business an edge & leave a lasting impression.

Easy to use and centralized management

The X576dw also houses a 4.3 in (10.9cm) color touchscreen, which makes it very convenient for anybody to manage and operate the printer. You can use Wireless connectivity to print documents right from your desktop or walk to the printer with a USB drive to write one.

The X576dw also supports the HP Web JetAdmin, which allows you to manage and monitor all printers on the network centrally. It not only helps you manage other printers connected but also alerts you in case a printer malfunction, thus reducing the need for manual checks significantly.

HP Officejet Pro X576dw MFP (9) (1)[1]

Convenient Printing

Connect and print—at the office or on the go and maximize your productivity with the flexibility and ease of built-in wired/ wireless networking, HP ePrint (, Easily print from your smartphone or tablet, whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go), HP ePrint mobile apps, Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint, wireless direct, Apple AirPrintTM.  There is also lesser user intervention with a 50-page double-sided automatic document feeder.

Why should you buy it?

Fast. Laser-like print quality at half the cost. Robust printer. Easy to use Touch-screen. Easily print, scan, copy & fax. Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

The HP Officejet Pro X576dw MFP is more than a match for more expensive printers, even lasers.


If you are a small to medium size company or an individual who needs to print daily, quickly, looking for laser-like perfection at lower costs and on the lookout for a host of features to help you simplify your printing needs, the HP OfficeJet Pro X576dw is the product to buy.

The printer can be purchased from here.

Footnote :

^ World’s Fastest: Based on published fastest print speeds for the HP X551dw and X576dw models compared to laser and inkjet color desktop MFPs and printers < USD 1000 USD as of May 2014. Validated by Wirth as of May 2014.

1 Comparison based on manufacturers’ published specifications of fastest available color mode (as of March 2012) and includes color laser MFPs < $1,000 USD and color laser printers < $800 USD as of March 2012, based on market share as reported by IDC as of Q1 2012 and HP internal testing of printer in fastest available color mode (sample 4-page category documents tested from ISO 24734)

2 Cost per page (CPP) claim is based on the majority of color laser MFPs < $1,000 USD and color laser printers < $800 USD as of March 2012, based on market share as reported by IDC as of Q1 2012. ISO yield is based on continuous printing in default mode. CPP comparisons for laser supplies are based on published specifications of the manufacturers’ highest-capacity cartridges.

# Comparison w.r.t. to energy consumption – the majority of color laser printers < USD 800 and color laser MFPs <$1000 as of August 2012. Energy use based on HP and third-party testing commissioned by HP. Actual cost and energy usage may vary.


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