How to Fix Phone Link App Notifications Not Working on Windows

The Phone Link app (Previously My Phone) is the Windows utility that has enabled seamless integration of smartphones and Windows PCs. First launched in Windows 10, the app has only improved with Windows 11 and now even supports iPhones. Users have reported having troubles with the notification sync on the Phone Link app, and in this article, we will learn how to fix phone link app notifications not working on Windows.Fix Phone Link App Notifications Not Working on Windows

What Causes the Phone Link App Notifications to Not Work on Windows?

The Phone Link app provides a convenient way to view notifications directly from your Android or iPhone on your Windows PC. However, many users report frustrating issues with the app failing to display alerts for calls, messages, and other apps.

Here are some of the causes for the Phone link app notifications not working:

  • Disabled notifications for the Phone Link app – The app needs explicit permission to display alerts on Windows. If you’ve disabled notifications, it will fail to sync any notifications.
  • Incorrect in-app notification settings – You can customize which app alerts appear in Phone Link. Ensure notifications are enabled for the apps you want alerts from.
  • Background restrictions – The Phone Link must run in the background for real-time syncing. If you’ve blocked background access, notifications will be blocked.
  • Battery saver mode – This feature can disrupt Phone Link from syncing notifications properly when enabled.
  • Do not disturb mode – With DND on, you won’t get any app notifications.
  • Improper phone linking – If your Android or iPhone isn’t linked correctly to your Windows PC, Phone Link can’t sync notifications.

Take a close look at these potential factors if you suddenly stop receiving alerts through the Phone Link app on your Windows computer.

How to Fix Phone Link App Notifications Not Working on Windows

Windows is one of the most user-centric operating systems, and thankfully, for the Phone link app notifications issue, you can try fixing it in many ways. Here’s all that’s covered in this article:

  1. ​Turn off Battery Optimizations
  2. Turn On In-App Notification Settings
  3. Turn On Notification Permissions
  4. Disable Background Restrictions
  5. Disable Dnd Mode in Windows
  6. Check Permission on Android and iPhone
  7. Relink PC and Phone

Let’s now have a detailed look at each of these fixes.

1] Turn Off Battery Optimizations

Most smartphones come with an Adaptive battery feature (This can be a different name for your smartphone manufacturer), which optimizes the battery certain apps use. It can end up limiting the battery consumed by some apps not frequently opened by the user leading to a delay or stopping of several background features of the application. Here’s how to turn off battery optimizations for the Link to Windows app on your smartphone:

  • Open the settings on your Smartphone.
  • Head over to the Battery section.

Opening Battery Settings In Android

  • In the Battery section, find the Adaptive battery setting and open it.

Adaptive Battery In Android

  • Toggle the button off to disable the features.

Turn Off Adaptive Battery In Android

2] Turn On In-App Notifications

In the Phone Link app, you can choose which apps to see notifications from, how to see those notifications, and can turn on and disable notifications for any specific app from your smartphone. If any of these settings are out of place, you may not be able to see your notifications. Here’s how to turn on In-app notifications:

  • Open the Phone Link app on your PC.
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner to open settings.
  • Now, head to the features section and scroll down to notifications settings. Make sure all four toggles are turned on.

Changing In App Notification Settings in Phone Link

  • Now, expand the choose which apps I get notifications from option and check if notifications for any specific app are disabled, and enable them if you wish to view them.

Changing Notification Settings For Specific App In Phone Link

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3] Turn On Notification Permissions

In Windows, you can select which apps you want to receive notifications from. And, if the settings for the Phone link app in Windows are turned off, you will not be receiving notifications from it. Here’s how to turn on Notification permissions in Windows:

  • Open Windows settings by pressing the Windows+I key on your keyboard.
  • In the Windows settings, head over to the system section from the left pane and open Notifications settings.
  • In the Notification settings, scroll down to the Notifications from the app and other senders section.

Turning on app notifications in Windows Settings

  • In that section, scroll down to find the Link to the Windows app (Via phone link). Make sure that the toggle is turned on.

4] Disable Background Restrictions

To sync notifications, the Phone link app can run in Background. If the app has previously been restricted from background usage, disable them. Here’s how to disable Background restrictions for the Phone link app:

  • Open Windows Settings by pressing Windows+I on your keyboard.
  • In settings, head over to the apps section from the left pane, then open Installed Apps.
  • In Installed apps, scroll down to find the Phone link app. Click on the triple-dot button next to it and open Advanced options.

Allowing Background Permissions To Phone Link App

  • Now, open the drop-down menu in the Background Apps permission settings and select Always.

Background app permission settings in Windows

  • This will allow the Get Help app to run in the background and properly sync notifications.

5] Disable DND mode in Windows

The DND or Do Not Disturb mode in Windows was designed to make users focus on the task while the notifications are sent directly to the notification center (Which can be accessed from the taskbar). When DND is on, the notifications won’t play a sound or pop up on your screen. Here’s how to disable DND Mode in Windows:

  • Open Windows settings by pressing the Windows+I Keys on your keyboard.
  • From the system section, open Notifications settings.
  • In notification settings, ensure the toggle for DND mode is turned off. If not, then do it.

Disabling DND Mode In Windows

6] Check Permission on Android and iPhone

To sync notifications between your PC and smartphone, the Link to Windows app on your smartphone needs access to the notification permission on your device. By default, the Link to Windows app asks for Notification permission beforehand. If you deny that, open the app settings and enable the Notification permission for the app.

7] Relink PC and Phone

Unlinking Device In Phone Link AppIf nothing works, you can proceed by relinking your PC and phone. To do this, open the Phone link app on your PC. Click on the gear icon to open settings, then open my devices, find your device, and click unlink. Then proceed to relink the phone and pc in the Phone link app.


This article taught us how to fix the phone link app notification not working on Windows issues. Having seamless connectivity between your smartphone and PC is a boon. You can focus on what’s essential without lifting your phone to check for notifications, make calls, or transfer images. We hope you found the article helpful; please ensure you share it with everyone.

Can I Sync My iPhone Notifications On My Windows PC?

Yes, with the recently added feature in the Microsoft Phone link app for Windows. You can sync your iPhone notifications on Windows PC by installing the Link to Windows app on your iPhone and linking it with the one on your PC.

Why Are My Notifications Not Working for Certain Apps?

Notifications for certain apps may not work for a variety of reasons; it can be because the notification permission is not enabled for that app, it can be because of a server downtime or internet issue, and a variety of other reasons.


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