Photo Magician brings direct device conversion options

Photo Magician Profile SupportPhoto Magician is a batch image resizing tool which is not only very easy to use but with the current version its updated with better conversion options which includes settings for devices directly i.e. One click image conversion of Zune HD or iPod for example. It supports for the below mentioned format directly now :

  • DVD (PAL)
  • High Definition TV (HD 720)
  • High Definition TV (HD 1080)
  • iPhone / iTouch
  • iPod (Photo)
  • iPod (Video)
  • iPod Nano (1G / 2G)
  • iPod Nano (3G / 4G / 5G)
  • Nintendo DS / DSi / DSi XL
  • Sony PSP / PSP Go (16S)
  • Sony PSP / PSP Go (4:3)
  • Microsoft Zune
  • Microsoft Zune HD (4:3)
  • Microsoft Zune HD (16:9)
  • Custom Width & Height
  • No Change (Maintain Original Size)
  • WIDTH Only (Maintain Apsect Ratio)
  • HEIGHT Only (Maintain Apsect Ratio)
  • iPhone 4

Apart from this update now you can also set default output formats to predefined formats such as you can set PSD to get converted into a PNG and so on. This is useful if you have a lot of raw formats to be converted. It supports DDS, PCX, PSD, TARGA, WBMP, WMF and RAW.

PM Default Output Formats

You can download Photo Magician from here.

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