Pilot HandWriting : Bring back the hand written Emails

Writing by hand is a thing of past, well almost, the way we are getting digital everywhere.  But what if you can write in your own handwriting using your computer keyboard  ? Amazing isn’t it!

PilotHandwriting is one such service which allows you to create a fonts based on your handwriting and then use them to write emails.

Pilot Handwriting

To get your handwriting into this service, you will need to fill in a template with all the alphabets and number. Once done that it can be uploaded either using a Webcam, Scanner or a digital camera. Your handwriting is processed and you are allowed to correct any of them if required. Done this you are ready to type in your handwriting. Watch the video here. However you can use them only using this online application.

This service is like Your Fonts which has one advantage, it allows you to download the handwritten font and then use it with any of the document editing tools like Word etc.


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